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How do you do it /a/?

Casual here, I've seen 200-something series now but it's already becoming difficult to distinguish between shows, they all just seem to mix together.
The only shows I can ever focus and recall are the ones I'm currently watching.
So how do you all do it?
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I'm just not retarded.
We don't actually watch anime. We just post on /a/
Take a break. It helps having a hobby other than anime.
Anime is still my main hobby.

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I'm watching Outlaw Star and it's actually really mediocre, even though Hilda is cool and all.

What's your thoughts on space anime in general? Untapped potential? Or are your satisfied with what's come out?
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I like it
Nadesico is still top of the list for me
I'd wager a good 90% of the decent anime in space came out before the year 2000.

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This has got to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. What the fuck was Miyazaki smoking when he wrote this?

People get angry when Shinkai or Hosoda get compared to Miyazaki because they're "lesser" or whatever. I don't think either of them are that good but they have never before made a movie that has reached the garbage bin as this movie.

I would even put Howl's Moving Castle above this. That was written by a drugged monkey too, but at least it was ambitious and had endearing characters.

What a waste of animation talent and music. I can't wait until Miyazaki further destroys his reputation with that upcoming caterpillar movie.
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There are plenty worse than this. I don´t like it but still better than Earthsea.

You should specify what is bad instead of just saying it is crap.
I agree with the previous comment, saying "it's shit" without any explanation is not a discussion.

But I agree Ponyo isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Miyazaki.
I liked Ponyo because it explored concepts such as innocence and exploration.

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Megu negligee 3.jpg
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This is weird pose for sleep.
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Subs when?
maybe her butt hurts
From what?

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2nd save of characters revealed.
Hiyama miu, VA: Shiori Izawa
Kamizaki Makoto, VA: Shiori Mikami
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Please be good, so I can rewatch this together with Amagami every year.

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If loli is merely a body type, then why are things like 1000 year old vampires with small bodies not considered lolis?
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Using dead girls is cheating.
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Do battle lolis apply?
Baba loli is still loli, it's just Japan trying to skirt the issue by saying they are actually of age. But then they go and have them act like little girls anyway which completely destroys the believablity of their argument.

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Post worst girls.
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most tsunderes and first girls
Misaki, i don't even want to search for a pic of that trash

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Is there a anime more deep than hibike euphonium?
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Re zero
One punch man

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Give me a good reason why you love Homura so much
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She's a badass and a dedicated friend.

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Does this show have anything to say about the ecchi genre?
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Ragyo did nothing wrong
Since the theme was that roles people take on end up controlling their lives and identities, perhaps that taking a strong stance for or against ecchi for the sake of being noticed is self-destructive. Just chill and enjoy ecchi - or don't.
>Does this show have anything to say


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if you could give Berserk an ending, what ending would it be? and why
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Guts reunites with Donovan and they live happily ever after as husband and wife.
I'd just give it an ending, it doesn't matter what it's like, we're lucky to get anything.
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>Guts defeats Griffith with the Power of Friendship™

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Nice. Do we have the three sizes of the rest too?
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>metric system
Lelouch's waifu a shit.
I'd still pound her.

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leina is for ________.
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Bullying & Molesting.

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Two thousand and never
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Anno is back at it again. Believe in the heart of the cards, OP. 3.9+0.1 will come winter 2017, guaranteed.

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Name a seiyuu who's better than Hanazawa Kana.
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violentforce yurionice.jpg
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>incoming thread deletion
>seiyuus aren't part of anime
>2Dfags trying there hardest
Ai Kayano
Horie yui

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