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>tfw have watched all anime in the universe

feels good man
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tfw jelly
>Universe 7 animes
Hey God, can you recommend me a good anime?

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Are you ready to witness the world line that features the rise and fall of Okabe Rintarou?
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Hell yeah. Bring it on, my feels are ready. Also, somewhere I saw a Zero fanart of him. He looked sad but mad. It was great.
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I've been ready, when do we get to see it?
I honestly don't see the point at all.

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pic not related?
Bitch looks like a gremlin.
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Oh, we're playing this game

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This is your new maid
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What happened to my old one?
Why can't I be her butler (or maid, if that's what she's into) instead?
She swallowed too much of my semen.

What's the worst show this season and why is it Yuri on Ice?
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You clearly aren't watching Gakuen Handsome or Bernard-jou.
still better than flip floppers
Classic case of Japan having shit taste, that's all.

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Ye wander gladly in nenes

Through goodly mansions, dwellers in neneland!

Luminous heaven-nenes

Touching you soft,

Like as fingers when skillfully

Wakening nene-strings.

Fearlessly, like the slumbering

nene, abide the nene;

Pure retained,

Like unopened blossoms,

Flowering ever,

Joyful their soul

And their heavenly nene

Gifted with placid

nene-ceasing clearness.
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keep this retarded shit to girlish number threads please
no need to spread it outside of those threads
Oh shit that's where I saw someone do this before. I gotta catch up with girlish number, thanks for reminding me anon.
I want to squeeze Nene's nenes

If you had the money to make a anime/manga what would it be about
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I would make a anime about a high school where students practice magic abilities and the main character has an ability that seems like it's worthless at first but he can somehow manage to beat everyone and also every girl in the show falls in love with him
Cellphone :)
Cute girls doing very cute things that aren't really that cute irl. For example, cute girls cleaning toilets or cute girls selling their bodies (for dates of course).

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I still mad
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At least best girl won.
Lucy best girl.

Fuck, now I'm sad.

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Plural of anime is still anime.
> Animes
Lurk More faggot

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What should I learn /a/?
2D or 3D animation?
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You should learn 3D animation.
there's got to be a better board for this thread.
>he doesn't know it's another 2D vs 3D thread

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>Male lead arranged gang rape on female lead

>Most popular shoujo in asia

So girls actually enjoy being raped?
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>So girls actually enjoy being raped?
What chapter? I barely remember some bullying in the beginning, then MC punched the lead guy and he fell in love with her.
p-picked up

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Why do childhood friends always lose?
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That's the one thing i hate the most in anime
It takes more energy to exit the friendzone than to enter it, and they've been in the friendzone all their life
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nips like NTR, and making cute girls cry. no two ways about it

frustrates the hell out of me too since childhood friends are usually the more carefully constructed and likable characters

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This is all according to Aleister's keikaku!

What will happen next?
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>mfw the micro-USB of my Kindle doesn't work and so I can't read it
Aleister probably is gonna take care of Yuiitsu
Wait what happened?

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Rate my wife
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Later on she becomes a boring mother.
Wow, you're making Little Women annoying.
The only thing you expect from a milf is to be fuckable.

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Last song you listened to sets the theme and tone of your anime as well as being the opening theme.
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>Silhouette - Kana Boom

>Kid is used as vessel for monster
>Eventually he grows up, normal childhood but he is resented by his fellow village
>In the meantime, he trains as a warrior for his village
>To that end, he is accompanied by his friends, a guy and a girl
>Adventures happen as he travels the world, doing oddjobs and shit
>In the end, the monster sealed within him gets released, but he defeats it with the power of friendship
>5101 - The Oral Cigarettes

Probably an introspective into the mind of an arsonist. Could analyze the way he perceives reality and interacts with the people around him. Make it a high school setting so it sells. Probably ends up looking like a cross between Deathnote and Game of Laplace, but hopefully doesn't suck.
>Last song you listened to set the theme and tone of the anime and is the opening.
Well fuck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibBLexcpAj4

>MC is a veteran soldier who served in the ending section to a war known as the 1000 Years War against a neighboring kingdom who established a pact with demons. Post-War him and a group of his fellow knights establish a small band of mercenaries who make profit doing demon extermination job, security, and etc for nobles and cities.
>One job has the MC and his comrades contacted by a former colleague of his who gives them an important job to take care of the former princess of the kingdom that started the 1000 Year War, and deliver her to an associate of theirs who wishes to reinstate her as the monarch for the country, since issues of succession has arised.
>The main problem arises is when the young girl turns out to have 1000 years of incest and demonic blood in her, and could be used as the host to one of the most powerful demons in the world, who could restart the 1000 Year War by bringing in the Demon Apocalypse.
>The main story focuses on the MC becoming close to the princess teaching her the soldier life and treating her like a daughter he wants to protect, dealing with hordes of cultist/demons/other mercenaries/nobles and abnormal things, and trying to convince his band that protecting this girl is worth protecting. Along with general suffering as the story progresses.

Protect the daughteru from becoming a demon vessel the manga. Any thoughts about it?

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