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Doing my annual re-read of Blame! and though of something. After Killy is incinerated, his repair process begins but it seems abnormally slow compared to how quickly he has been able to repair himself before. We see a timer in one of the pages and I think it's safe to assume that it counts Hours:Minutes:Seconds and one hundredth of a second. Going by this interpretation we can see that Killy has been sitting still there for at least 27 years. It was shown that Killy has the ability to turn on a "standby" mode of sorts but that required him to manually use a device against the side of his temple which he probably wasn't able to do since he was burned to a crisp and had been pupating? the entire duration of his repair process.

My point is this. Killy was probably conscious whilst he was being repaired and was stuck motionless for three decades and it's heavily Implied that Killy still has a human mind which makes his outburst afterwards a lot more meaningful. Killy loves shooting his gun and wasn't able to do that for decades. I'm sure that Killy fires his gun offscreen a bunch of times just to blow shit up, I would.
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And that experience is probably what led Killy to help out "Mori" who was in a similar position, fuck I love Blame.
>for at least 27 years
Count better.
But, yes.
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I know it says 127460 hours, but the line under that is cut off and I don't see the point of having the same number repeat like that. But the above number might've been cut off too. I don't have a physical copy to check and I'm only aware of one scan.
The scale of stuff in BLAME is just on a whole other level. Both in terms in space and time.
It's almost at the level of cosmic horror.
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Oh definitely.
>the line under that is cut off
What are you talking about? That static in the bottom left?

>I don't see the point of having the same number repeat like that
There's no reason for it to say "progressing" more than once, either.

If you look closely enough, it becomes clear that the lines of numbers are all exact copies. As in, cut and pasted on the manuscript. There's just no deeper meaning to it.
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It's what I like about Blame, the world that the series is set in is amazing.
>It's almost at the level of cosmic horror
For some of us, it is. I developed panic disorder in reading Blame for the first time. I still love the manga, but it all becomes terribly horrifying if you think about any of it too deeply.
I read this once years ago and really liked it but I didn't understand the story can someone explain it to me.
How much of the story would you like explained to you? In how much detail?
He probably has emergency system in case something like this happens, so that if his body suffers enough physical trauma it can shut down to regenerate, his outburst was also probably because of what happened at that point, he lost Cibo, the netgene they got from Seu and the whole clusterfuck
The main plot and a little back story and as detailed as you're willing to make it.
Probably this. In terms of previous injuries he'd sustained on-screen up until that point, nothing really comes close to having approx. 41% of your body mass incinerated in nuclear fire. It required a full-on reboot of his operating system it seemed. And that artwork during the scene where Killy is just randomly firing off his gun is one of the few times he seems genuinely pissed off; all of his netgainz were lost in one blow - his waifu, Seu's genome, etc. No matter how old he is, hundreds of thousands of years even, he still has a human (cybernetic) mind in all likelihood.
Hang on.
We'll start with the prerequisites for understanding the plot before going into the plot itself.

Killy is a surviving human legal authority from before the Netsphere disaster. The Netsphere disaster was an event in and by which The Order (a cult which developed into the Silicon Life organization), hackers and businessmen managed to cause the Safeguard AI/organization to make two significant changes to its protocol. In order to curb the misuse of the Netsphere, they decided to reduce the potential means of connection to the Netsphere; limiting connection allowances to only those with the Net Terminal gene. And, instead of Safeguards only attacking persons attempting to utilize the Netsphere for apparent malicious purposes, they began to attack *all* humans who did not possess the Net Terminal gene. You see the Safeguards' potential in the manga - a million Safeguard units can spawn at any one place and butcher everyone. This led to an en masse killing of most humans, as the Net Terminal gene is/was an expensive, 'cosmetic' upgrade to all of the prior means of connection. Those possessing of the Net Terminal gene were also killed in the chaos that began with these changes in protocol, by a plague created by The Order. This was done because The Order (and, subsequently, Silicon Life) seeks to keep the world in a state of perpetual chaos. It is part of their system of beliefs; they do not believe that they can thrive without chaos, and the only ones capable of re-entering the Netsphere and resolving the chaos are those persons with Net Terminal genes. Those who survived the "purge", as it were, are the ancestors of the people Killy runs into during his travels. Everyone except him (and -potentially- three other characters, but two of them don't matter) from the time before the disaster is dead, and all that is known about the world's history to the contemporary people is that Safeguards are bad and will kill humans.
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Anyway, Killy is thousands of years old at the beginning of the manga and his memory constantly deteriorates due to the limits of a human brain. Hence, he does not remember his cybernetic augmentations nor how to activate or use them. We watch him travel around the constantly expanding City, looking for someone with the Net Terminal gene. That is the sole purpose of his immediate quest, and he is heavily implied to be an extremely high-level human legal authority: his regenerative powers are a direct result of his 'connection' to The City, he has the most powerful GBE, the Governing Agency cannot give him orders and he is virtually impossible to kill.

Returning to the matter of the plague: there is a plague that is spreading through the air of The City, brought about first by The Order and, later, the Silicon. This is where it becomes particularly relevant. The plague can and will kill any ordinary humans into which it comes into contact. Humans of this 'era' are generally unfamiliar with the concept of disease - throughout the space of The City, there are nanomachines that actively eliminate all possible viruses, germs, etc. so that there is never any sickness. The plague is intended to prevent Killy from completing his quest of finding a survivor with the Net Terminal gene, by killing any remaining humans who might have it.
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Blame Food Blocks.jpg
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Eventually, Killy runs into TOA and gets a genetic sample from another ancient human: Seu. Seu then disappears into a spacetime rift with his waifu. Davinellulinvega, a hulking outcast Silicon with huge influence, wants to access the Netsphere. She employs brutal tactics in order to get Seu's genetic sample off of Cibo, because she has discovered a provisional terminal to the Netsphere with lax access requirements: you only need a normal human's DNA to enter the Netsphere through this terminal. Shenanigans ensue - Cibo attempts to also connect to the provisional terminal, Davinel and Dhomochevsky die. Davinellulinvega, before she died, was attempting to access information pertaining to Level 9 Safeguard units. Cibo hijacks the 'cyber-body' of the now-dead Davinel, and reaches out into the Netsphere, remarking that she just wanted to see what it looked like. Doing so inadvertently initiates a download of the Level 9 Safeguard data into/'onto' Cibo's body. At the same time, the Governing Agency found an opportunity to influence the real world, and affix the genetic information of the Net Terminal gene into the download proceedings. This becomes the orb on Cibo's stomach. Killy freaks the fuck out because he has no idea what the fuck is going on - much like most readers at this point - and shoots at the weird, morphed, Level 9 Cibo-looking thing. It determines that he is a threat, and teleports a CHUNK OF THE SUN into the room in which they are fighting. After the attack ends and the sun slice goes away, Killy briefly emerges from a pool of lava and shoots the now-vulnerable Level 9 unit, permanently crippling it and restoring some control over the body and mind to Cibo. Unfortunately, all of this has caused Cibo to mentally regress to the state of an amnesiac child.
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Shit happens, Killy starts tracking down Cibo. He acquires a talking necklace along the way. At some point, Sanakan became an agent of the Governing Agency; she is now working to help with the Cibo issue, too. But, she does not know if Killy is alive, much less where he would be. Cibo and Sanakan travel for a ludicrous amount of time, fighting off increasingly powerful and deadly Silicon Life until Sanakan is overwhelmed and killed. Cibo is taken in by the primary faction of Silicon Life, who want her orb. Their intentions for it are unclear and are never explored/explained because they are killed. Sanakan demands that the Governing Agency reboot her into reality once more - this time, with a better gun. They comply, but warn her that, if she dies again, they will not be able to resurrect her. Sanakan massacres her way through the Silicon alliance, slaughtering almost all of them (Killy kills one of them off-panel), and ends up on a little bridge, wounded, with Cibo. The Exterminator Safeguard arrives, and prepares to push everyone's shit in. Killy arrives, and prepares to push the Exterminator's shit in. The Exterminator cheats and puts a box around Killy that prevents him from doing anything, and attacks him; Sanakan saves him by redirecting its attack towards herself. Killy sets the GBE to max settings and blasts through both the box and the Exterminator, completely destroying *all* of their environs. This may or may not be why Cibo dies. A dying Sanakan tells Killy the secret:
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We timeskip forward an unknown amount of time. Killy is running out of power, out of motivation. He can't regenerate properly (or, at least, not quickly) anymore. He reaches a level where it's raining and lies down, knowing that his mission is close to an end: when the Builders are creating a new level, they flood the level with fluids beforehand. Killy is nearing the edge of The City after God knows how many thousands of years of walking and fighting constantly. As Killy continues to walk through hallways, an extremely high-level Safeguard - one with the exact same basic design as Killy - shoots him in the head. Before losing consciousness, Killy shoots and kills the Safeguard; then, he collapses entirely. The fluids rise over a massive, slogging period of time; eventually, carrying Killy up to the surface - the top, and the true, absolute end of the level: the edge of The City. He sees plants growing, and the orb beginning to change colours.
File: BLAME!10_232.jpg (299KB, 840x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Our last page - the one provided - is another timeskip of sorts. Killy is leading the child - who is obviously a number of years old now, and is wearing a sealed hazmat suit to protect against the Silicon plague - *back into The City*. His quest, now, is to find a terminal with which to connect to the Netsphere and finally, finally, finally resolve the chaos and allow the Governing Agency to regain control over the operations of The City (excluding those of the Safeguard). In Blame! 2, a one-shot sequel that takes place in a distant future, it is revealed that Killy succeeded long ago. So much time has passed that people don't even believe that he ever existed: he is a myth, a legend. The humans began to rebuild their respective societies throughout the Megastructures, and began to drive out the Silicon Life; exacting a genocide on the species. One Silicon survives and makes it to a different 'edge of The City' - one with a door - where it is accosted by an unholy amount of Safeguards, one of which is an Exterminator. They are miraculously rescued by Killy as they begin to lose consciousness; Killy uses the GBE to destroy the Exterminator and to blast a hole through the 'door', to the outside. The Silicon wakes up outside of The City, on a strange, sandy ocean shore. Carrying the genetic information of his(?) entire group of Silicon Life, he flies off into the unknown space, searching for a new home for the species, where they will not be persecuted.

There's my rewrite, folks. Nothing can be done but on a whim; that is the way of the world.
Thanks anon, i wish to screencap all but i can't in a phone, i wil do what i can
man I really need to just sit down and read it all. I've seen some people post pages that didn't look like fuzzy shit though. are there some better scans I wasn't aware of?
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>are there some better scans I wasn't aware of?
Kind of, sort of, not really, yes, no.
Just started reading again, and early on it's implied that humans with net terminal genes may have migrated to the netsphere (consciousness?) perhaps en masse.
>it's implied that humans with net terminal genes may have migrated to the netsphere
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