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New episode. Subs out
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These milfs.
>Fifth season
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Teenage Matoba and Natori flashback next week.

I guess they want to introduce Natori's mentor before Natsume meets him. Which also explains why they had the scene of Natori talking about forbidden arts brought forward too.

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>For weeks /a/ said Hibike! Euphonium S2 would be AOTS

>Nonstop talk about Yuri!!! On Ice everywhere

Other times when /a/ was wrong?
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Surely, you jest.
Flip Flappers is /a/'s current nominee for AOTS
You mean AOTY
/a/ hates Hibike! now

Why isn't there sex in modern anime?
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I have no idea what you are talking about.
Sex is for adults and anime is for kids.
Sex is for everyone and so is anime.

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Time for everyone's weekly dose of rage in a bottle.
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Yes please.
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[Title is 'Passing the baton to you']
Takase Haruhiko
Year 2 Class 1 Soccer club
He likes Kanda-san. He's getting nervous because he wants to confess to her in the athletic festival.
Kanda Saki
Year 2 Class 1 Soft Tennis club
She likes Takase-kun. She's nervous because she might get a confession during the athletic festival.

At the end of the athletic festival...
"Go for it! Takaseeee!!"

When... the athletic festival is finished,
I'll confess to Kanda...!!

I will!!
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Right before the Athletic festival
I felt as if
Takase-kun was gonna confess to me

Since we're in the moment,
Maybe I'll try confessing.

Will he actually confess?
[Side] Good work
But it sounded like a joke.

Maybe I'm the only one who's conscious about this.
Waaaghh. This is so embarrassing!!

"Haah.. haah... oh man!! I got fourth!!"
"G... good work!!"

"I was gonna win it all in this relay. So I got super nervous"
"Th... that's true!! And now it's the last race..."

"When I'm done..."
"I have something to talk to you about"

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ITT: Ungrateful whores
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You're the kind of guy who thinks that after paying for a girl's order in a restaurant at your insistence, you are entitled to sex?
At least she dies a violent death in every other timeline.
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>You will never kidnap and rape Kayo

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Thoughts on black bullet?

>inb4 loli bullshit
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Tina is best girl, Enju fags need not apply.
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Idk my friend liked it but i thought it was shit.

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I love it.gif
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How would you feel if the all powerful malevolent deity that you worshiped every hour for your entire life got depicted as pic related by some ignorant Nips?

Wouldn't that make you furious?

Just asking a question is all.
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Is Cthulhu really all that malevolent? Seems like the guy just wants to sleep and that people keep fucking things up.
>Not wanting a cute anime girl as your god
>cute shota jesus
Maybe the gays would come back if we did this? Still gonna have to zap them with Mike Pence's new miracle therapy though

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>Hello, Aramaki. This is quite a surprise.

>So, what business brings the chief of Section 9 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

>I need to ask you about the secret talks scheduled with the Gavel Republic tomorrow.

>Procedure, of course. Well, the regime that took over Gavel after the revolution demands financial aid, supposedly for redevelopment. They boast democracy, but they're no better than the last lot. Now they feel entitled to funds because of our past exploitation. No gratitude.

>What's the Ministry going to do?

>Well, there's a problem. The leader of the former junta that controlled their country is here seeking political asylum.

>You mean Colonel Malles, correct?

>Yes, and that means we either deny Gavel the funds and treat Malles as a political refugee, or help them, and kick him out.

Why can't they give Gavel the funds and treat Malles as a refugee, or deny them the funds AND kick him out? Why do they have to be completely loyal to one side and completely assholish to the other?
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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sex llol
stefan molyneux not an argument
Sex is good!

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Yuuri died after the Grand Prix Final. Now he is trapped in purgatory, torn between good (Aguppy) and sin (Eros). Sadly it seems he has chosen Eros because the devil (Victor) has successful tempted him. However with the return of Yurio his soul may still have a chance of being saved, if the angel is able to kick it out of him.
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I thought we agreed to not do this

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When the previews? ;_;
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Last thread was very nice
>thread posted 6 seconds before mine
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Never. This week's episode is too much for previews. Best to just wait for the episode itself tomorrow.

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Why doesn't someone just have sex with him
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Someone offered and he refused.
the hand probably has some effects with libido that we are unaware of
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She keeps trying, but they're both too autistic to figure it out.

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Continuing with a few chapter before I have to take my leave again
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Also, I need to know if you still exist, TS anon.
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Chapter 9: The ideal conditions for pretending to be sick (de sourou)

Ahhh I forgot...
Today is the yearly tradition of endurance tests in Bushischool (de sourou)...

I hate running man...
It's just a bragging contest for those fast morons (de sourou)...

Ahhh I wanna take a break...
"Isobee! You can't sleep (de sourou)!
Angel Isobee

"You're just running away from your own faults... You can't be a magnificent warrior that way (de sourou)!"
"Okay, do it Isobee! Wake up!"

"Pretend you're sick!"
Devil Isobee
Let's rest
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"Oh Isobee. A very good morning to you today! I made breakfast..."


"U... cough cough"

"Mother cough"
"Wh... what?"
"I... I... cough"

"Wanna go to school... cough cough"
"What happened Isobee!?"

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Was the manga the first actual deconstruction of the magical girl genre?
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No, Madoka was.
I just want Fish Eye to be happy.
Define "deconstruction" first.

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>Waifu = favorite Girl
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>OP = cancer
Who was in the wrong here?

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See this, what do?
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Stick finger in pooper.
Report this so hopefully a mods move this shit to /e/.

Profusely apologize and agree not to discuss it again. We're in a school and I'd get expelled for doing anything to her.

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