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Which Motoko is your favorite?
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The two on the left. The first one looks like it's inspired by old X-Men and makes my dick rock solid. The second one looks cool.
The one in manga

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What' the better power:
Mind control or time stop?
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Depends on the duration and range of the time stop and mind control, if there are no limitations then time stop.
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Time Stop.
>Depends on the duration and range of the time stop and mind control
yeah specifications are key here

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Didn't Umaru lite get announce already.
Do you have a source for that?
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Do you still hate Aqours?
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Aquors is the new hotness.
Muse is old and busted.
What strange ritual is this

she's a mermaid, so she's luring you

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Makes you think
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>Mad o Ka
>Mad to Ka


Really gets the ol' noggin turning
>Akemi Homura
>A**** H*****
>Did nothing wrong
>Kills utilitarian (((aliens))) that make use of deceptive contracts to manipulate humans, whom they view as cattle

wtf i love homura now

As a suicidal person, I think Archer might be the single most tragic character in all of anime. Wanting to die but being forever unable to is a horrible fate. Does he ever find peace?
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>have awesome powers
>wants to die
At the very least, he's damn sexy
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please stop

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Do you think we'll see Megumin's Mom in Konosuba season 2?
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We got Yunyun in the OVA, so maybe we'll see their village.

I'm more hyped for Vanir though.

Nice thread. See you at page 10 soon.
Was that so hard?

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>this show has a cool meso-american setting and architecture
>they spend almost all of the episodes fucking around in a forest
Why is this allowed?
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If I remember correctly, the Meso-American setting was a result of the artistic freedom of the animation staff and not specified in the novels.
Then that was a good decision. Wished it had a second season, but it flopped too hard.
An huge problem with those kind of show is that they never show the world setting enough.

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Does /a/ like Sneks?
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I would like to have snex
I think she's cute but haven't watched this.

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Just finished watching pic related. I really liked it but I know people's opinions on it are all over the map.

Thoughts on Kiznaiver, /a/?
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It was ok with your usual Okada pretentiousness.
Mediocre story and characters, great animation and visual direction.

Overall, watch it to catch luluco in the mall at the end.
The script was terrible, but literally everything else was good to great. A very promising directorial debut for Kobayashi, I just hope he doesn't get stuck with Okada next time.

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More like Assterisk War, amirite?
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Julis has a great voice.
I would've liked this more if the MC's hair didn't look so bad.
Is it me or does he kinda look like a girl?

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Tsutomu Nihei is starting a new series called Ningyo no Kuni on February 25 in Shonen Sirius. It'll be a serialization of the oneshot he did with the same name.
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still buttmad that best girl won
Tsumugi is my princess
The one-shot was so-so but I always enjoy his universes so I'm excited.

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Tama-chan is my daughteru
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If you watch this with Daisuki subs, then you don't respect this anime.
The show is kind of meh but the episode 7 was great.
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How convenient, I was just about to make a thread.

TL for episode 8 will be finished soon™. Please try to keep the thread alive and hope timer-kun shows up. Or another timer, I don't mind NTR.

Also if someone with passable English writing skills wants to do editing/QC that'd be great too.

Now, back to my work. Stay tuned.

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Musubimonogatari confirmed for 2017/1/12


Will we finally see Araragi Hitagi?
Or Deathtopia and Kissshot reunion?
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How long is he going to keep releasing these

I mean I'm a pretty big *gatari-fag but the concept is definitely beginning to wear thin

It's only a matter of time before sales start to nosedive
He doesn't care about sales. He is graphomaniac.
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>they see your skating
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Fucking Cao Bin.
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>When you're forced to eat disgusting Russian food over Pork Cutlet bowl.
I think Victor wants to be stepped on.

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