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What was your favorite anime scene of 2016? TV or Film.
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Anything by KyoAni is my favorite of the current year.
>Gantz O
>Kagerou daze
>Koe no Katachi
>Kimi no Na wa
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I haven't seen KnK yet so I'm super committed to the frip frapper hype train

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Gettung bullied by a little girl? I can't believe it.
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I would bully Asuka with my dick
How would Asuka deal with such a brat?

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Please explain to me why spoonfeeding is not only tolerated, but actually encouraged now.
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It's not.
>Mon 23 Nov 2015 00:54:39
Too early.
Can't say I care if people spoonfeed or not.

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Is there any example in literature, video or any media of a successful Zamasu? Someone who sought to remove humans to fix the world, but who was not defeated?
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The bible
HAO in Shaman King.
He was never defeated, just convinced not to do it by his mum.
He's still set on wiping humans (well, non-shaman humans) the people who asked him not to fail at changing the world for good.

By the time the sequel of Shaman King happens, two of the people who asked him not to wipe humans died in an accident.

That's close, but I mean actually went through with it successfully.

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So he's going to fuck every single one of them, right?
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Excuse me, real harem king coming through.
Nope. Just Momo the next time he falls asleep and she sneaks into his bed.
>at the end of his career, Yabuki comes out and makes a 60 page harem fuckfest
Would be the GOAT artist

God damn, she fucking killed it.

I really thought there were going to be multiple VAs.
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Same here, MAO is fucking great
M.A.O. did a superb work during last episode.
I hope people realise by now that apart from being fucking beautiful, MAO is a fucking TOP TIER VA.

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>she married her teacher
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what when did this happen
It didn't.

Unless they added shit in a separate omake.
literally what are you talking about? she did marry someone, but we don't know who.

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Low tier characters = type 0

Medium tier characters = type A or type B

Top tier characters = type AB
Love Live:
Maki Nishikino -> blood type AB
Niko Yazawa -> type A
Honoka Kosaka -> type O
Musaigen no Phantom World:
Koito Minase -> type AB
Reina Izumi -> type A
Mai Kawakami-> type O
Asuka Tanaka -> type AB
Kumiko Oumae -> type A
Reina Kousaka -> type O
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Blood types are associated with personality in Japanese culture.
it's like horoscope to them

Basically it's pseudo-science nonsense that japs refuse to let go of.

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Will 2017 be the year of the THICC MC?
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Hope so. It's only getting stronger by the year.
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Im glad
Nah, its outlived it's popularity and dying.

I want to do naughty things to a loli.

Like put gum in her hair and shoot her with spitwads!
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putting her lithe limbs in between a sliding door and slamming it!
You're too little to stop me Anti-bully Ranger!

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If only this show was a happy yuri about Satellizer and Rana having a relationship and fightans the evil aliens.
But alas, instead we got the shit story that is Freezing...
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>reading any im dahl young work ever
Best girl or bestest girl?
If only the show didn't have the two protags in it, it might be tolerable

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What do you think about the Hokuto no Ken manga spin-offs, /a/?
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>"Kenshiro, did I ever tell you about the time I visited a fortified city populated entirely by prostitutes, and then had sex with the queen of all the prostitutes, who could also see the future? She was a good friend."
Why are there so many pachinko and pachislot machines based on HnK?
Because the kids who used to read HnK are now old enough to play them?

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Holy shit.
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Oh cool, a Dragon Ball thread. I fucking love Dragon Ball.

Goku was an ayylamo? What a surprise!
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ITT underrated girls
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Episode 8 is out.
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And s2 confirmation. It's airing back to back apparently
I'm surprised they are making S2. Is this show or the manga so popular in Japan?
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Happy to have more.

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