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Why have you not joined the Intel Kaby Lake HEVC Main10 hardware decoding master race, /a/?

Don't let your HEVC Main10 Chinese cartoons run like a slideshow
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I understand only 45% of that post
Video playback confuses the fuck out of me, there is so much shit you have to understand. I can't even get MadVR and xyfilters working properly. I have an I5 6500 Skylake and use onboard graphics, that's about the limit of my technical knowledge.

Maybe one day I will devote a few weeks of time to actually learning all this arcane shit. maybe I will buy a graphics card.
>skyline i5 6500

Jesus christ dude you can get killer cards for like $190-220 these days. Don't do that to yourself.

If you're really poorfag get a 1050ti

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What are the best lonely and depressing animu, /a/?

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Boku no Pico is really depressing.

What did he mean by this?
Bible Black

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I'm terribly sorry, modfriend, please help me understand why Yuru Yuri is no longer permitted on /a/? We were having a legitimate discussion about an anime on an anime discussion imageboard. What's the issue?
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Correct me if im wrong but didn't that thread had ''/yryr/'' in the title? That make it sound like a general.
Moeshit getting kicked out of /a/ for not being relevant.

I'm loving this. Too bad it'll only last a few days.
so slashes and letters are a trigger word? i wonder if he even read the thread.

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Why the fuck did the mods just move a Yuru Yuri thread to /e/? It's not even close to ecchi.
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MM too
The purge has finally started.
Maybe they missed the /u/ board. Anyway, better to complain on IRC or /qa/ than make a meta thread.

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>three seasons of terrible series
>the worst ones get double seasons
>nothing to watch for an entire year
>still a month+ away from the next season
>its turning out to be another shitty season

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We had worst
Hey, at least 2016 was a better year than 2014 and 2015. I don't think there'll be a streak of 3 good years in a row - 2011-2013 were really good.
Great Years: 2011, 2012
Good Years: 2016, 2014
Decent Years: 2013, 2015
Bad Years: 2010

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What happened to the mod who said that there would be no generals by the end of 2014?
Actually, until you start acting upon your words (and consistently, mind you, not just for a week or two) I'm just going to assume that you are full of shit.
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moot killed him because he was deleting naruto threads
Anyone who regularly browses /a/ should be able to identify most if not all generals.

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>Lesbian imouto goes to Liberal college
>Comes back for Thanksgiving
>Tells me she and all her friends watch an anime because it's really gay
>"What is it, Yuri on Ice?"
>"Yeah... how'd you know?!"

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>not fucking her straight
What a gripping story, tell it again.
Liked and subscribed.

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I just finished one punch man and liked it. What should I watch next?

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my dubs

Mob Psycho 100


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Where were you when just desserts were finally served?
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>don't report an attempted date rape
>rapist rapes

How could this have happened!?

They're both idiots. Hope Rapeman proceeds with his ding-a-lang time.
Sauce? Does she actually get raped?
>almost got raped
>saved by harem mc
>tries to cuck harem mc
>gets raped by the guy who tried to rape her before
Serves her right.
She's stupid.

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Happy Birthday Miki!.jpg
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It's my waifu's birthday today! Wish Miki a happy birthday and for her to have a lot of onigiri in her life!
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Happy Birthday, best idol.
Sorry you are not a Love Live idol. I can't wish you.
Happy birthday nano!

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread: >>150046988
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anon was here
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Krillin is the strongest human
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Well, yes.
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What am i reading.gif
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Is this the world where we pretend Uub doesn't exist?
But Hercule is the strongest human and character.

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Can we just appreciate the original, and pretend the adaption never happened?
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sure man, you just do what you think is right.
a rare nice anon
Original sucks outside of production value. SAC is far better.

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>no comfy thread on the front page

Lets fix that
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Umaru thread?
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Why is this still a thing?

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Where to cop
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80's fashion was fucking garbage.
You're fucking garbage

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