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Legit spoilers out.
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>Jouichirou & Senzeamon show up
Oh boy, here we go.
Talk about coming in at the most "convenient" time.

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What's /a/'s opinion on webtoon? I can't help to notice that 90% of them are just porn in color.
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Not anime or manga.
More like 90% is blank space.
I read The Gamer and Wizardly Tower. Used to read The Magician before it went to shit. Tower of God didn't really click with me, because its setting seemed arbitrary as fuck and the characters motivations were utterly opaque. Both the protagonists and antagonists seemed to be doing it all for no particular reason besides trolling the other side.

They're a mixed bag, just like most manga.

Remember when Gundam was good? Remember when Anime was good?
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Are you doubting my short-term memory?
ah yes I really enjoyed G-reco
You must be 34 to browse 4chan underage homos.

How is she so perfect.

Like seriously.

She's perfect without being a mary sue. How is this possible?
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she was designed from 2D and became a 3D object
Years of fine-tuning.
Built for high-impact cyberpunk action.

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Last I heard, the mango is still going because the author wants to make money from it and thinks advancing the plot will drive readers away.
Their relationship is currently abusive.
>The girl refuses to kiss him because it's too embarrassing
>Treats him like shit
>Strings him along with the promise of a kiss
>Gets to the point where he tries to get an indirect kiss from her by holding down and kissing a cat that she kissed on the nose
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The manga ended.

No, ended is the wrong word.

It just stopped.

Is it autistic as fuck having the same waifu for years despite having a source material that's pretty dead?
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No, it makes you loyal. Your future irl wife is lucky to have you!
i'm afraid that's a severe form of autismo
>Is it autistic as fuck having a waifu
More than one waifu will destroy your laifu

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Chisame confirmed for winning the Negibowl!


From Hata
I did not post this the first time around, because there is nothing on it, but I did know that the “Negi Memorial booklet Memo” may contain the name of the girl Negi confessed to Asuna, as the site Beatarai said so in its review but purposely not spoiling the identity.

well, it had finally been confirmed by the research institute, the girl in Negi’s confession to Asuna is: Hasegawa Chisame

when Negi was asking point blank who he likes

in Chapter 217, Rakan listed candidates:
Yue, Setsuna, Nodoka, and Chisame.

in Chapter 350, Asuna listed candidates:
Eva, Mana, and Chisame.

and Chisame is the only one made both lists which got Negi with a reaction.
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I can't seem to remember who she was.
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That's not surprising at all since their relationship was kinda sweet

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What does /a/ feel about netorare?
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NTR < cheating < cuckoldry

Pretty good stuff, op.
Reminder: Don't even reply to NTR posters.

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You can't find anyone cuter than Yuno. It's just not within the realm of possibility.
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>tfw no armrest Yuno
>tfw you want to fuck Yuno

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>watching clannad
I thought that Tomoya was just being a little bitch during the childbirth, like Nagisa had only fainted.
But in all reality, she died.
I'm upset at how utterly boring and just unremarkable her death was.
It's not like she was a MAIN CHARACTER for the entire series.

Am i the only one, /a/?
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I thought Nagisa's death scene was quite well done in both the game and the anime from what I remember.

Did you expect lots of explosions and a see you later buddy? Hundreds of crying patrons and the town all turned out in black? How would you do the scene assuming infinite budget?
Why did he take his sick daughter for a walk?
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Tomoya was a really bad father.

His own dad was a better father than him.

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Is Ritsu poor?
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Her little brother steals her lunch money everyday, so yes
Worse, she's the drummer.
she's frugal, some would say thrifty. she understands that one must haggle tenaciously for what they want.

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hyouka live action
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I didn't think it was possible for Hyouka to get any worse but there you have it.
>live action
Nobody cares
>He gives a shit about live action
>>>/jp/ or some >>>/tv/ shit

What does /a/ think about Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia?
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tsuyu is good
I'm just so glad Marina Inoue is voicing Momo. I want season 2 so bad.
Solid manga, wish the anime had a higher budget/better music.

I think it would be better received if the manga focused a little more on the characters trying their hardest to overcome a task through hard work. Like what deku did at the start, through his hard work and determination he managed to make the impossible possible.

It won't create a resurgence of the big three or replace the phenomenon that was Naruto, at least as of right now. It certainly does have potential though. Fun/10

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I wish a truck had hit and killed her right after this picture was taken.
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Now that's not nice.
I wish a truck would hit you.
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i love my autistic daughteru and her autistic way of saying hello
2 and a half hours until PV gets posted.

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