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Which Walkure do you want for Christmas? Keep in mind two are already Christmas cakes
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The pink hair one looks the sluttiest, so I'll go with her.
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Mate, she is.
The red one seems nice.

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Hey, /a/, which end of the choco-cornet do you eat first?
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The head.
The bottom side, sometimes the top.
I see... but, which end is the head?

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I've been struggling by myself the whole time. What does Kyoko's butt smell like? I heard it would give off a terrible smell but that doesn't persuade me. Kyoko insisted that she is a juicy apple.
You can find apples in fruit section. I tried sniffing an apple yesterday. It's fantastic! By all means, everyone please try and go. I bought the apple. It's delicious. (((That sounds weird, though.))) How about you try looking into that purchase for science?
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Where is Apple-chan?
dead, hopefully
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Here >>149987228

What kind of damage to energy-beam attacks like the kamehameha do?

Are they concussive, having weight to them and then smacking the enemy with all that momentum built up over the beams travel time?

Or does the damage come from heat, burning the target as they come into contact with it?
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Why don't you just watch the show/read the manga and figure it out?
It's not that difficult.
but I watched it all and still can't tell
It's probably plasma

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So you just got ganked by an orcress semen squad.

How do you plan to deal with such predicament?
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>cut my dick off
The short one is cute

I welcome the pelvis shattering snu-snu.
Purge them all.

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Can we agree that Chinatsu has the best hair of all the yurus?
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No, Akarin has the best hair.
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Have to agree.
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>clip on accesory buns
Ayano has the best hair by far

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Hayate no Gotoku spoiler

Prepare your salt edition
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Akagi is now the MC of the last anime you watched/ last manga you red

What happens ?
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get's eaten
I don't understand anything
>Dragon Ball GT
Would it become super saiyajin mahjong?

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Yoichi does things to my sexuality
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I'm lucky that I'm female it seems.
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Walter was cuter. If he'd grown his hair down to his waist when he was all young and curvy he'd put the entire female gender to shame.
>The Oct are the jews and Orte are the nazi Reich
Why is Japan betraying Germany now? The same in Shuumatsu no Izetta, fucking backstabbers.

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So is korean-made chinese cartoon allowed here? Anyone remember/played this?

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Call me when Lu/Ciel appears.
Is this shansha?
I haven't played Elsword since forever, when is LuCiel supposed to join?

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>-Can we say something nice about Prisma Ilya?
>-Of course! It ended!
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Is being able to mock an anime like Statler and Waldorf the true test of animu knowledge?
it didn't, though
>manga still ongoing
>sequel movie for the anime announced

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How long have you been in love with your waifu for /a/? I'll start: Around 4 years
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Decent taste nigga
Two years over here. She's still so beautiful.
File: 1458134652996.jpg (755KB, 1000x850px)Image search: [Google]
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3,5 years.
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I think it's been a decade already.

Is it possible to watch anime for 2 decades and still like it as much as you did in the past?
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Been there done that, still like it. Taste changes with time though.
Only a decade and a half in, but I like it just as much.
If you're watching anime for that long, something went horrifically wrong in your life. I fully anticipate growing out of anime before I'm twenty. I'm already tired of how immature most shows are, I feel like I've almost grown out of it. Not if you're an adult, you should've found better things to occupy your time, like a career and a family.

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season 3 never ever

why must i live
announcement this december anon
probably more yuki spin off :(

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The last anime you watched gets a Hollywood adaptation, how bad does it turn out?
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How the fuck would I know?
>any anime ever
>hollywood adaptation

automatically shit
>that ugly Diarmuid

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