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I feel truly enlightened now. For the past few years that I've been here, I've been searching for an anime girl to really invest my emotions into, but just couldn't. I thought that Ika Musume was my waifu for about a month, as she is possible one of the cutest anime girls in existence, but deep down, she's just a kid, and would be pretty annoying to talk to. Kids like her might be pretty good for causal sex or something, but not for a serious relationship.

And then I found the supreme anime girl. Nene is truly superior. She has all the cuteness of a girl like Ika, but she is really a mature adult deep down inside, and she is so socially competent that she can even have entertaining conversations with autistic people like Ahagon.

Surly, truly, definitively, and definitely, neneposters are the true sages of /a/. I think nene is my real waifu.
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>Kids like her might be pretty good for causal sex or something
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>causal sex

I am ready.

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Federation or Zeon?
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>filthy huemonkey banner

> nazi style flag

though choice.
That looks like the Brazil flag

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I thought she was annoying but I felt so sad when she died. The she deserved better.
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Made me cry of happiness
fucking rolo
what a fucking cock sucker he was but he did redeem him self and I really felt like he had a shity life.

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Why is she such a slut?
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She wants Coconuts' Coconuts.
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>no specific anime or manga discussion

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Reminder that the only people who watch anime dubs are Americans who joined their high school anime club like some fucking sperg.
Subbed because dubs are usually trash.

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so the new ova is going to be shit right?
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>half of the voice actors are dead or in their 60's
>the new designs went from snake faces to concave shovel faces
>more back story dump, expanded universe characters
>best girl relegated to being a background character entirely
>probably won't adapt that one doujin of sasami flicking the bean
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Yes ;-;

New hataraku Maou Sama ln (ln 12) released a while ago. Not sure if I missed it or not, but I didn't see a thread about it.

Download it from here: https://a.pomf.cat/twgzfs.pdf

This was a good one boys.
Emi pretty much confirmed in love with moau.
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I guess I'll do a brief summary of what happened up to this point.

Everyone has returned from Ente Isla and everything has gone back to normal. At the end of ln 11 Lailah, Emi's mother (and the Angle that saved Maou when he was dying many years ago) visits them and it ends.

I believe that's a decent enough refresher since it's been a while since the last novel release.
I thought your spoiler was already pretty much confirmed since like volume 10.
volume 10 is when she starts to realize that Maou isn't actually evil and didn't murder her parents.
There are some pretty lewd developments in this volume.

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She looks up
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you lost me
ancient benthic mollusk
bone of my

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Guess the anime
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Make a webm from an anime a maximum of 10 seconds long. Try not to make it too obvious.

Others try and guess the anime.

WebM for Retards
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Attack on Titan
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ace attorney.

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But they didn't. Why didn't they?
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Sex doesn't magically solve problems.
Because it's anime about riding dead moms.
Too many hangups.

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Cute and sexy children.
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How did these pictures get onto the internet?
They are working adult retard. Watch the damn show.

Is Jun finally acknowleding Carol as best girl?
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Jun is tired of Tomo's shit.
I wonder how Tomo would react if Carol really tried to snatch Jun.
She would probably try and pop her head off like a bottle top. Yet it would make a s"squeak noise".

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Who was your first waifu /a/?
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hard to remember, it was probably Kagome though this was back in 4th grade or younger
If that really was your waifu, you have my condolences. Didn't she die in like the second or third episode?
This should have been everyone's first waifu.

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The major is getting married~
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Luckiest bastard.
How do we stop this madman?

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