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Pepsi or Coke?
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I prefer pepsi but I'm still going to go with Rias.
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I mean, it's being done by Production IG. It has 12 episodes.


Directed by Kazuto Nakazawa, the 12-episode series is set in the future where scientists have tried to create the “perfect human” in hopes of keeping peace in the universe. After nearly achieving their goal through several children, the scientists send their “new humans” for further training where they are kidnapped by an evil organization set on using their powers to implement their own concept of a new world order.

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This anime will save anime screencap this.
Curious but cautious

Netflix has done some good shit though their anime selection has always been abysmal

It will be interesting to see an anime with a "Netflix Original" banner that's ACTUALLY a Netflix original
This anime will be utter crap anime screencap this.

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Guess what bitches? ch 28 gook scans are out!
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I... I wrote a song for Koto.

Cuando pienses que el amor
se ha olvidado de que estas ahi.

Vuela vuela con tu imaginación

Si no puedes ser feliz,
no te rindas puede recurrir

Vuela vuela con tu imaginación

Volando encontraras un mundo nuevo
solo dejate llevar

Vuela vuela

No te hace falta equipaje
Vuela vuela
Nadie controla tu imagen
Vuela vuela
Veras que todo es posible
Vuela vuela
Despierta tu mente

I hope she will like it.
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La mejor chica.
Stop posting magneto.
Koto es muy bonita y caliente. Tambien es mejor chica.

Name a worse girl.
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ur waifu
your waifu

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tfw your new waifu is defiled towards the end of their show
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>new waifu
hey i havent watched kill la kill before
she's my waifu, idiot

you can have nonon if you want

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song made by a japanese man

english lyrics

song title in german
First post on /a/, I just finished the series, should I go on to End of Evangelion or let things be?

Bernard is cute and smart
You can't deny this
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This anime is so fucking shit.
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No it isn't
And you say this based on what summary that you found on the internet?

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Did everyone drop this show?
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Haven't even started watching it yet.

Only watching Drifters and Occult Nine atm.

Is it any good?
Didn't even touch it. I'm only watching ibo and drifters this season.
yeah dropped when he had this flashback in episode 3 or 4

Why doesn't he stop time and beat Kira to death?
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An actual plot hole is "When he saved Jolyne, why didn't be snap Pucci's neck during stopped time instead of generically ora-oraing him?"
Almost every fight would have been so much easier if they just called him in.
You're both retarded and don't understand how the time stop works

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Would you let her step on you anon?
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Yes please Ohime-Sama, your Yamato Nadeshiko legs are so powerful, your graceful dignity so overwhelming.
Only a fool wouldn't.
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She looks so "Watakushi wa desu wa"

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Ooh boi
My nigga's confessing his unconditional love to christmas cake?
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Ch. 153: >Nothing happens, the chapter

There is nothing wrong with anime girls having fat butts!
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Why would anyone hate a big ass?
Kobeni thread?
Kobeni thread.

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Say something nice about Majima-kun, /a/!
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He needs to act fast. There's a new guy in town marrying all the cuties.

>implying that guy isn't a student of his

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