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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.
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Not anime or manga

Are moonfags elitist? I saw the thread on /int/ and many outed themselves as awful posters.

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No, he was clearly only licking her. Did you watch it?
He licked her entire body.
the fuck am i looking at?

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Why was the dub so bad?
For such a popular little show you'd figure they'd put some extra effort into a dub, but no, it's really trash.

Especially Geno's voice, my god.
It's not the WORST dub I've ever heard I guess?
>why even watch the dub, just stick to subs
Because I enjoy hurting myself
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You say that like any dub can be anywhere near tolerable.

B-Grade is easy to hear, even in Japanese. It's far too painful to listen to.

Even if some dubs do happen to have a single good dub VA, their performances are totally snuffed out by the swamp of B-grade VA surrounding them.
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This gets an anime adaptation with two manga's while Goblin Slayer already has 3 Light Novels and manga doesn't. WHY?!
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Sex sells more than edge.
but there is sex in Goblin Slayer
I know this might be difficult for you to understand, so I'll explain it as simply as possible: the people who own the rights to Goblin Slayer did not pay for an adaptation, so it's not getting an adaptation.

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Why is this allowed?

Btw I appreciate that the mods consider this inappropriate to post uncensored. Why don't the Japanese realize this is inappropriate to put in an anime, especially one on TV?
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Fuck off.
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have you ever thought about how overpowered Nico Robins abilities are?

1. she's able to spawn every part of her body ANYWHERE she wants. literally. she could spawn parts of her bones right into your heart, or your brain. she could summon stomach acid right into your vessels.

2. she can summon INFINITE (∞) DOPPELGÄNGERS of herself, ANYWHERE.
let that sink in for a moment. Infinite. You know what that means right? all the possibilities! she could fill the entire universe with Breasts if she wanted to. Hell, i don't even know why she's on her own anyways, why doesn't she have an army of Nico Robins on her side at any time? chill at home and you're good, you're practically immortal at this point. you'd even have infinite provisions since this is all organic material, she's her own pepetuum mobile god damnit.

seriously. theres absolute ZERO energy needed in order to activate your devils powers. this isn't Dragonball, or Naruto. this is a non-ending ressource.
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All Sanji had to do was coat his hands in haki and escape before they threatened his chef-dad. Oda is a hack.

I like that hentai where she uses her power to lick inside a futa's ballsack with a load of tongues.

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>There will never be another anime as good as pic related
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thinly-veiled rec thread
>merely an advertisement for the live action movie
You're right OP.
Might as well quit anime.

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Just got finished watching this, loved it. The OP is great and Minami Tsuda is wonderful. Who else watched this? What were your favorite episodes? Who's your favorite girl?
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Which season OP?

Also Chitose best girl
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S1 has the best OP. S2 has the best ED.

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What was her endgame?
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She was never in love. She was just a succubus toying with him for fun. Really a disgusting person.
Unlimited semen

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can i get some context for why a midget is ontop of Guts who is way too tucked in
5 times to Farnese
4 times to Casca
About 10-14 to Silke
6 times to Isara
2 times to Griffith
i jacked off the cave orgy scene numerous times i got part of the page crusty and my cousin doesn't even know why it is crusty

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Would you, anon? Having dinner with a student of yours, whom you never really personally met, along with you toddler?

I'm a teacher, I would.
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I'm surprised it didn't end in an inappropriate relationship.

Also you probably shouldn't be a teacher.
This show made me wanna have a kid.
>Abe keikakudoori.jpg

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Kino kissing a bird.
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I love you, Kinomod!
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Loli kissing a bird
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Wouldn't it be funny if we somehow got kino threads to became daily generals

But seriously kino threads are specifically designed to be less than weekly, and last three days with kino mod showing up somewhere in the middle

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Do you multitask while watching anime?
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i can barely read the subs and watch whats happening at the same time
This isn't a discussion about an anime so this isn't allowed
If fapping counts as a separate task then yes.

Did Sky Girls really deserve third place? They were much more coordinated than Yuzukushou. Obviously Pop > Sexy for the song, but that shouldn't make all the difference.
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2 Starlight queens came in fourth fucking place anon, aikatsu powerlevels don't make any goddamn sense.
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How do we survive the axing.

I honestly thought the previous was pruned because of Yume posting.
This is just for Aikatsu Stars! - not Aikatsu!. Get to your own thread.

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Which one and why is Mars or Venus the obvious pick?
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because they're the most lady-like

both are the correct choice
You're right. I never thought about that. Jupiter, Moon and Mercury are far from ladylike.
I would nail everyone in that picture desu senpai

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