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>Zack higher than Beerus
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Non-retard edition

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Spoil Yamada-san
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I only spoil Yachiyo and Popura
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Dance with yamada.

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Pretty gud last episode.
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It was alright.

Kind of just fell into generic mecha territory towards the end.
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As in "fuck yeah nigga"

What does /a/ think of my wife Aoba?
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Character isn't from Code Geass, therefore nobody cares that you have chosen to claim ownership of an unimportant slut.
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She's a boring jobber. Here let me post a better girl.
Good taste, fame. Miyanaga and Non are best girls.

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How do you feel about naps?
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Big fan.

Also, where did you get that picture of my wife? Are you spying on us?
Hey, that's my waifu!
I fucking hate naps with a passion because I hate waking up. I have a really time waking up regardless of the time I've slept or how well rested I am.

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Have you ever watched an anime just because you liked the aesthetics at first glance?
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Was it a miskate?
Quite often actually

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Now this thread is dedicated to giving yourself and others normie points.
Rules are certain mainstream anime can give you points while other moe/obscene can take away your normie points.I dont really know how i'll set up the points system but we can figure it out as we go.
Accumulate to many and you're no longer allowed to be on /a/.
Pic related
you get normie points for watching it.
But you also get 2x normie points for not at least watching it.
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>some arbitrary system created by an anon
>not even completed,so it pretty much his own fascist calling what he like and doesn't like normie tier.

>saying normie like a tumblerina

What the fuck are you talking about
I can't stand all this autism

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Please bear with me. I'm very new, I'm sorry if this counts as spoonfeeding.

I have been meaning to invest more time into watching anime. I've heard good things about Anohana, Another, Baccano, Code Geass, and Steins;Gate.

Which should I watch on my birthd/a/y?

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Baccano is fantastic in my opinion, almost wanted it to be twice as long just to spend more time with such a great cast of characters, but I suppose it's best as is. I'd highly recommend it because it's so short that it doesn't overstay its welcome. If you like it, good, and if not, well you didn't waste too much time, unlike lots of other series that are 24+ episodes, and sometimes several times that l. I saw it multiple times in a row, and enjoyed more each time. Due to its non chronological, somewhat disjointed storytelling style, it's satisfying to see over, and over again.
That's just my biased opinion though. I obviously liked it quite a bit, so I'd suggest it out of the ones you've listed, although Gate seems to be an awesome mind trip, and Geass seems to me to be either adored, or detested by everybody from what I've read, and heard of it. I don't know much about the first few titles you named. I'd also recommend Spice & Wolf/Maria The Virgin Witch which are both about as similarly short as Baccano, give or take a few episodes.
Go with Baccano.

>I've heard good things about Another
Unless someone told you it was a comedy, you've been bamboozled.
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I'm not OP, but is it actually a comedy that's commonly mistaken as being something else, or is it so utterly disappointing that expecting anything else from it is being overly optimistic?

>pic related
Guess which.
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You first OP.

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This is it. The love is finally dead.

See you next monday Miunabros.
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Goodbye. Good riddance.
I love you Miuna!
What the fuck does this mean

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what episode of dragon ball explains kami and king piccolo? I can't find it for some reason Google is of no help.
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I don't know, but this is better.
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>Taimanin Asagi 3 the Animation
>looking good

This can't be real.
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>Asagi will never be like what it was for the first 4 OVAs
>no Oboro scene
I'm ready to be disappointed [email protected]
Having a good artstyle doesn't mean good animation.
Literally Madhouse.

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Can we all agree that Whitefox absolutely fucked up with the adaptation?
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>oh no they didn't go slow enough
Not their fault the source material was shit.
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t.Someone who hasn't read the source material

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Yang is dead....the last character from the anime/manga you've watch,read now lead's the Free Planet Alliance

What become's of the empire now?
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Yang never led the FPA.
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Then who was ordering him to attack the empire?
midnight bump

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Space Brothers.jpg
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Find a flaw
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It was too long. I got bored.
No S2.
It ended.

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