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Best girl.
Oh good, someone already killed OP for making shitty threads.
Both Emilia and pretty much any other girl are more attractive in appearance.

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I just finished the first series, I dont understand why everyone hates this as much as they do. at its worst it was still okay. Even with the dumb sixteen year olds getting married and onichan fetish shit.
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We literally had this same thread just yesterday. Give it a rest already.
>starts pre-good
> yui beomes a thing
>series goes to shit
>series becomes harem
>SAO is dead
Its better than the average battle harem, I'll give it that.
Cabin episodes were my guilty pleasure desu

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I will post this until you love Clannad.
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Everybody already loves Clannad.
I've never watched it because their eyes trigger my autism to no end
Would you a Mei?

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Which anime character do you want Shinka to hook you up with?
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>you will never see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars
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Are we dead?

>you will never be a fuck toy clone for a megalomaniac
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>monsters drop money when killed
>there is an infinite supply of monsters
How do the people who have to live in SAO and buy stuff from each other keep inflation from wiping out the value of their money?
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By killing rich traders.
Most people aren't willing to risk their lives by fighting said monsters, and never accumulate much money. The vast majority of SAO players stayed in the safety of the starting town.
Why would the edgelord guild kill players if they just wanted to get out of the game? Wouldn't it be better for them to let them help clear the tower?

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Yomi ;_;
Yomi ;_;
They taste just like Milanos.

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Time for more warring lolis.
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Someone is finally working on this?

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This is now officially best girl
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Where are her meat buns?
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they are inside her
Wasn't there a thread recently? I can't find it.

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What the fuck am I reading.jpg
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Why is Rewrite getting a second season? the first season was bad.
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The second season should be fine. Moon is very short and entirely linear. The Meikyuu/Rakuen adaptations were infinitely more competent than the complete fuck-up that was Kajitsu, so Rewrite will probably be the same.
>The Meikyuu/Rakuen adaptations were infinitely more competent than the complete fuck-up that was Kajitsu
better than shit doesn't mean good.

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Anyone up for an interior design thread?
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Those are from Houkago no Pleiades, by the way.

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>tryed to save the many by killing the few
>for some reason they said that wouldn't work because that'd eventually kill the many to save the few, finally kill all
>got lost and passed the curse onto his adopted son

I admit he totally fucked up everything though, then what should he have done?
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Who the fuck is he to judge if the world needs to be saved or not?

Fuck off, moron.
He was a manchild who wanted to be a superhero.

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ITT Overrated shit
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Flip Flappe-
>nobody likes it outside the circlejerks
Well, that's still overrated.
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Who is your all time semen demon in anime? The one character whose allure never fades no matter the length of time.

Pic related
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She was a bit of a yandere stalker semen demon.

Why was Yusuke intolerant towards him?
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he/she tried to kill yusuke
yusuke doesn't like queers
"if you're going to be a man do it all the way not halfway."

Imagine saying a line like that today.

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