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Just got back from this, I don't know if /a/ has discussed this to death already, but I'm guessing there's a spate of people right now who probably just watched it after the Dec 2 release in 85 countries.

Pretty good, I enjoyed the visuals quite a bit and there were some decent gut punches in there. I went in pretty much blind, apart from knowing about the body switching. So the bits about the meteor and the 3 year time gap were neat surprises.

The music sequences felt a bit new to me, I did like them overall though for time lapses and other great shots that they helped show off. At first I was confused why a movie had an OP like a show would have.

I might watch it once again before its run finishes so I can grasp some things I missed, especially since I basically watched it raw since I couldn't read the subs(they were Chinese).
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It starts off great and then falls flat on it's face half way through

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What did you just ask her?
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>Is OP a fag?
>you will never listen to music with koito post-coitus
>can you show me your no pillow

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What would it take to get a season 2?
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An act of god.
divine intervention
Season 3 is airing in Gensokyo right now. You just need a rope to hang on

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How do you keep track of the mangas you're following and the upcoming ones?
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By waiting for the anime to come out instead.
I'm a filthy casual so I have a manga-reader app on my phone. It gives me a notification whenever one of my favorites is updated. Also

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Hair length.png
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This is some bullshit.
Is it only /a/ that appreciates the short-haired girls?
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I don't mind short hair if it's short from the outset.

Girls who have their otherwise long hair cut are trash though.
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I love short hair but I agree that this shit needs to stop.
Why do elevens believe a girl cutting her hair is character development?

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Should I bother with it or is it shit?

t. enjoyed the original Gantz manga
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gantz g.jpg
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As a reader myself, I honestly would advise against reading this. It has an absolutely poor artstyle where the girls all look like men with only one goddamn facial expression and pose in each panel. There is no reason that this artstyle can be acceptable for a monthly-released manga, and so far the story is boring as all hell. The girls are all cunts to each other, and so far, the "aliens" are unimpressive or inspiring at all. This manga has absolutely no redeeming features, and I really don't want to hate it, but it really is just that shit in quality.
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Yea I read a bit of myself and its terrible lol. Anyways do you have a clue when we can enjoy Gantz:O with english subs?
>Should I bother with it or is it shit?
No. The art is a huge downgrade from the original and the the plot moves as fast as in a bleach chapter, eventho it's a monthly. Maybe wait 2-3 years and read those 30ish chapters in one go.

The moment I try to discuss "serious" or "mature" or "realistic" anime, people tell me to kill myself and tell me to fuck off for acting like a newfag. What's the point? Honestly, why do you promote mediocre taste? 4chan is literally a parody of itself right now. You pretend to be sarcastic, but you actually believe in all the bullshit you say.
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It's probably more about what you're actually saying than the discussion topic itself.
>"mature" or "realistic" anime
You're told to fuck off because you're a retard.
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>The moment I try to discuss "serious" or "mature" or "realistic" anime, people tell me to kill myself
I highly doubt you get told to kill yourself just because you try to talk about a specific anime, it's probably the way you try to discuss it. Like what you're doing now, kill yourself.

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Proper art
no filler
proper ending
an all-around faithful adaption of the original manga.

It'd be great, no?
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Problem is that off the wall harem has been done to death since its release. Rereleasing it doesn't break any new ground.
>same face
>worst girl wins
>Creator's self-insert is MC
No thanks.

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Homura Akemi - 2.jpg
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You're in charge of writing a new season for the Madoka anime. What's your big plot twist?
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Dalian doesnt have a jetpack.jpg
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Cancel it, because I don't want more shit in circulation.
It ends in a gay orgy.
as long as it ends in some gay shit is alright

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This is Casca, say something nice about her without using the word "rape".
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Semen flavored ?
she was molested lol

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What are you working on?
What do you wish got picked up?
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Finished translating new kenshin chapters then realized nobody cares that much, so it's left drying out in the sun now.
Someone will care eventually, maybe.
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so progressive.jpg
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/a/ only cares about new stuff, or things with fanservice, waifus and all that crap. It's expected. It's like trying to get people here to talk about Go Nagai without resorting to Devilman memes.

Maki is getting married!
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Do S2 and the movie expand on this relationship?

S1 pretty much almost nothing going for them.
Can I say something nice to her?
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>Badoua reading
>LDC media player
>CON Player
>what is probably Autohotkey

>all this on a Windows 10 computer, with a desktop full of icons
>for a scene that lasts no longer than a couple of settings
Holy shit, are people finally recreating computers more accurately? It's no longer a generic looking desktop, but one that has personality, and is grounded in reality.
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>Mindows users in a nutshell
File: 183 - 23swreA.png (41KB, 662x480px)Image search: [Google]
183 - 23swreA.png
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That desktop is triggerring me on a deep level.
>and is grounded in reality.
Yeah, since your average Windows user is fucking retarded and doubly so in case of Japanese people.

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What is his agenda?
Is Kaworu evil? What are his flaws? If he is an idealized version of Shinji - how? What is the life lesson that Anno wants to give with this character?
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he's best boy
Shinji was gay all along.

>What is the life lesson that Anno wants to give with this character?

That sometimes the only person who truly loves you wants to involve you in a dangerous, likely toxic relationship.

Kunihiko Ikuhara is still waiting for Hideaki Anno to return his affection.

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Thoughts on LOGH?
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I wish there was a LOGH mod for RAI7

I should probably make one, it looks pretty easy.
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overrated garbage that newfags and redditors love to circlejerk about

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