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Are the TTGL movies worth watching if you've never seen the original series? My buddy wants to watch it and I don't know if the movies tell the full story. I'll delete the thread after some answers.
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Your new is showing, fuck off.
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>a-am I fitting in yet?
The movies definitely gloss over some character building, but due to the shit tier pacing of part two the second movie might actually be better than the series, so watch that and if you ever think "how did it all get to this stage" you can rewatch the series

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So why did Loli cause so much drama? Molester never really played with her feelings and was clear about who he liked. She really didn't have cause unless she thought asshurt about a guy she knew for 3 weeks didn't like her was justification to fuck everyone's shit up.
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women are insane

More news at 11.
Yeah but to that extent? Do women really get like this when they decide they love someone? In most anime/manga there isn't that level of pettiness by a losing heroine.
Naw, it is definitely within the range that normal people are petty

Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Tohsaka Rin is the undisputed GOAT waifu for all laifus?

>inb4 old men, money, etc
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I love it when an artist puts so much detail into their picture and then totally fuck up the face.
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I think you mean the undisputed PIG waifu.

Delete this immediately.

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Akari Akaza!
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>Akari Akaza
is that the name of that nice cherry tree
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Akari chan

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>an anime will never be this comfy again
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It wasn't comfy at all. Hella depressing actually.
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>an Abe anime about confronting discrimination and death


Did you also think Texhnolyze was comfy?
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rakka is best haibane, believe me, it's true!

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As long as they don't change Chidori VA, fuck yes.
Doesn't the story get really bad shortly after where the anime left off or something?
Based Xebec

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Left or right?
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I have an in explicable urge to toss coins down that crack.
Right all night.

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so i just finished reading this in one sitting after some one started dumping it on /v/ and my feels are too heavy right now.
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Poor Koji.
Best girl lost. It sucks

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Why is it that most anime fails in romance when it comes to adults? They always seem to act like autists with the opposite sex or just set up scenes that imply without any lead up or payoff.

Sorta like the relationship between Revy and Rock, there are moments where it's clearly set up for something like when Rock talks to Revy when she's in bed or when they light each other's cigarettes from the tips.
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revy is a raging lesbean
>They always seem to act like autists with the opposite sex or just set up scenes that imply without any lead up or payoff.
That's how real life is.
Is there any anime thats not a ghilbi film that has actual romance but isn't a romantic film or series?

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Why does /a/ pretend to hate the Rebuilds? Asuka and Rei are finally the cute girls you guys always wanted them to be. Don't tell me you didn't like the two cooking for Shinji. There's even a little Misatofag service with Kaji leaving her in Shinji's hands.

It's everything you ever asked for. Why?
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because muh nostalgia
I didn't ask for this.
The worst people are people who like 2 but hate Q

>i-it killed the harem! everyone's mean to shinji (me)! shinji is gay! waaaaaa!

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This is your beach partner tonight
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But it's winter
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fuck off
Beach partner means cumdump, right?

Is it remarkable /a/?
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Daily prayer for Saazbaum-nii staying alive in SRW.
What's with these fucking names?
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ITT: Does a bad anime equal bad source material, or vice versa?
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Name a good anime with a bad source material then. Protip: you can't.

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What a gorgeous smile. It's like a warm embrace. It's almost motherly.
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that's because she's a Yui clone. Yui was the original best girl all the time
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Smug cutie.jpg
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I mean, I guess a toilet can be warm if you take a big, fat, steamy Rei in it.

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How do you fuck something that bad ?
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Put a paperbag over it's face, so that it won't kill your boner.
hyoga dubbed vanilla ice

This is why Saint Seiya never caught on in the United States. We didn't get it until 17 years later and that's the quality of the show we got.

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