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It's been a few years since I've watched any anime. Last time I watched anything new was probably KLK in 2014

I decided I'd give it a try again and watched Kiznavier, and from the opening it was like a switch flipped and I got really giddy, like I was a kid again.

It was nearly chemical.

Does animu have a significant chemical effect on the brain? All the bright colors, and foreign language and over the top scores and motions and stuff?

Can you get numb to it? Like a drug?
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Yes, it gives you autism.
Besides the obvious






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Just marathoned the first episode of Yuri On Ice.

What did I think of it?
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Great PLOT.
>first episode
First episode seems such a long time ago. The typical-anime expectations you form during it are totally unlike where the show has ended up, in a good sense. We've come a long way.

New episode soon.
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I'm waiting for more juicy h-doujins of Arale to flood the internet!
>Good Cameo
>Bad Cameo

I barely remember Arale, but I recall one episode with a camera that took pictures of the future, and seeing ehrself unchanging in them, Arale had the professor promise to make her an adult body eventually.

What a waste o a chance to show it.

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Apparently the Promised Neverland had 120000 Books printed for it's first Volume (not sold, just printed) and a few stores ran out of copies after 1 (one) day. This is insane. Looks like WSJ found their next big thing.
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As long as it's not axed early.
This proves that the combination of artist and writer is superior to a mangaka (does both)?
for me it's just an okay series. cool plot, but lacks emotion and characterization

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Ichizon/Seizon new chapter dump and discussion thread.
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QUALITY thread
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This anime has the best Mio.
The bikes are fucking photorealistic though.
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Be creative and your meme will be immortalized.
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MC is a Japanese born military/base brat who hasn't set foot in his home country since he was around two, Now after 13 years and about moving at least a dozen time (Over half of which where in a new country), He comes back to Japan to attend high school
Protagonist has a harem of girls that love him but as the plot develops he loses all of them and they grow to hate him, so he finally ends up alone.
World ends, groups of people are sent back to the beginning of time with their bodies and memories intact. They either become “observers” or “historians” (placeholder name), able to either observe the changing landscapes of the world (similar to the God of the New Testament) or change the outcome of the world (similar to mythological gods or the God of the Old Testament). The show follows both an observer and a historian throughout the entire history of this new Earth. Other notes: observers are able to influence the world, but not directly. They can “descend” to Earth and attempt to cause the lifeforms (protozoan all the way to highest evolved life) to change the world on their own. Historians can also influence others to shape the world, but prefer to do it themselves. Both observers and historians are immortal, unaging, and unable to be seen unless they want to be. Though the observers and historians are not opposing factions, the two main characters have slightly different ideal visions of the world (neither good nor bad: there’s no real “protagonist” or “antagonist” in the series).

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How do I watch this without having to jack off??
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By not being a 12-year-old redditor.
by being a satisfied male
Once you realize that the fanservice is really not that great and that the story is rushed and predictable, you can really settle in and meditate on how boring this show got to be.

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Getting up to speed. Are you guys rooting for doppel-chan? Everyone is out to get her and no one considers her feelings, even if she does happen to be a robot.
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It can't be helped, Leader is too cute.
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I prefer Ya. She reminds me of Frenda and her current style with her hair down and midriff showing is great.
>Considering a robot's feelings

It was a master piece
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double dubs confirm
I enjoyed the trainwreck

I watched this, Valvrave & A/Z at the same time.

I just can't get enough of the trainwrecks.
i unironically think it is

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Wow... This showed up as an advertisement during a different youtube video.
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thats because youtube has a file on you and knows you are a weaboo so it can target you with ads.
WTF i love ford now
>tfw English dub calls her Usaki

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Better Hairstyle.jpg
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So how do you think the next OPM season will be in regards to adaptation?
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my 3x3.jpg
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3x3 thread?
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Muh animes 3x3.jpg
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Would you join the literature club for her?
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That gif implies something else anon.
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literature girl.gif
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For her? No.

I would join for pic related though.

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berserker soul.jpg
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I play Berserker Soul! This card lets me keep attacking until I draw a non-monster card!

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