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I swear theres something off about this guy, I just cant put my finger on it. Anons can you help?
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Where's his girlfriend?
He's missing a button on his uniform.
not having a cool bike helmet is the only thing I can think of at the moment.

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Is it even possible to revive Milky Holmes?
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I want it niche because that means good taste.
If they do a new project, it needs to go like this:

>Milky Holmes lose their toys and spend 12 episodes trying to get them back again but dame dame ensues and they fail over and over

G4 also make numerous appearances and berate Milky Holmes for being useless

Fucking masterpiece.
>Milky Holmes lose their toys and spend 2 episodes trying to get them back again but end up forgetting about it and dame dame ensues and they fail over and over


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He should have been all over her like white on rice.
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I think he meant to say, he should have been the peanut butter to her jelly.
I think he meant to say, he should have fucked her PB&J sandwich.

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What went wrong?
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How's the sub? I might actually watch this

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Wasn't this supposed to be AOTY?
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It wanted to be, but couldn't get there because it really just wasn't good, and its ending was a cop-out of epic proportion.
I liked this show more than it deserved to be liked
OP was really good, but now I see why you people hate Mari Okada so much. The show was just too whimsical for it's own good

What the FUCK was the point of this scene?
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To show that he's alive, dumbass.
Why is OP being a slowpoke who doesn't read our annual slowpoke Lelouch ending chain response?
Does futaba know of cartdriver meme, or is it purely Western thing?

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Is Doll the most adorable corpse in anime?

Anyone else love dead girls? Not in an edgy, "I stab the holes I will fuck" way, but in a tender and understanding way?
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doll is a best
What the fuck is wrong with you all
What is that stupid thing on her head? Her eye brows are weird.

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>You fapped to an half dragon all this time.
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Irene says she is Erza’s mother. Erza says she was alone the whole time in rosemary, and she didn’t think she had parents. The only one she calls a parent is Master.

Irene says doesn’t matter to her. She thought Erza died a long time ago. They continue battling and Irene exchanges the following “Wouldn’t it be inconvenient to die without even knowing where you came from. Let’s talk about the past a bit.”

Erza says, “Don’t need to”

Irene says “My name is Irene Berserion, I was once the Queen of the Dragons.”
Dead thread.
Like Wendy in two chapters.
Milfza confirmed!

What's your AOTY so far, /a/?
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None of them
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Incest on ice

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Guys... I just realized we're getting more of this
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This looks hot... is what I would say if she wasn't anorexic
dont let CLAMP affect your dick
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Was this shit actually good or is it all just a meme?
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R1 9/10
R2 8/10, excellent ending made it 10/10

Now that R3 is coming out to undo the ending, goes back to 8/10.
It's a fun ride as long as you don't take it too seriously I guess.
Season 1 was awesome but season 2 sucked ass unless you were below the age of 15 when you watched it. In season 2 they put the show on at an earlier timeslot to appeal to children and it shows.

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Nihon is the world's leading exporter of fictional edgemasters.
What is Kotoura san
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It still hurts.
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She is alive and well, stop believing those vile meme-tier blasphemy

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does she browse 4chan, /a/?

What board do you think she browses most?
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shit, you beat me to it anon

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Say something nice to Mami-san!
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Your apartment was ruined in the DB and movies.
She got a really nice apartment for an orphan.
You have great titties

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