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Hello /a/ my name is kubo tite of shounen jump.
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fuck off
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hai kubo nice to met u...
Fuck off you hack.

Kaicho or Misumi
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both at the same time!
Rin (one of the few series I like the cowtits/this kind of girl more and she won't win)

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rip Eriri
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Reminder that Megumi won.
Just stating the facts.
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No to the DFC tomboy
No to the itty bitty titty committee Autist
No to the mid-cup Glasses wearing kill joy
No to the nicely endowed optimist

Yes. The top-heavy shy girl is best Moe-trope girl. It's like a rule at this point.
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Also: No to the loli.
The only other tall shy girl I can think of is that one from Read or Die TV.

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/a/, the only gift you need...
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...is the gift of Yamcha.
Did they fug?
"Puar, turn into Bulma"
"Aw, not aga-"

About to marathon Elfen Lied.

Everyone come watch it with me. I haven't seen it before.

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damn those first 5 minutes were fucked up

>wasting disk space on dubious quality anime

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Never forgive
Never forget
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I believe Satoru wouldn't want to see Kayo withered as she waited for him for such a long time. In a sense, Kayo didn't forget about him at all. She just had to move on with the life Satoru fought hard to give her.

Call me a fag if you must.
I understand why they did it, but was still pretty fucking pissed at that part
not op
Cucked by mom

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i can't even look at a chick's ass now because this goddamn show made them seem disgusting to me

feminists +1
More asses for us.
Does anyone get turned on by this? The show is so ridiculous and over the top that my penis doesn't even care about the sexy asses, titties, midriffs, and character designs

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Shana is hot.
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ITT: Anime that would be fun to play as games.

Best prince(male) Arslan Senki had a dysnasty warriors game. Wish Japan did the same for other titles.
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arslan is shit you faggot

you only like him because he's pretty and you're gay, shit character in a mostly shitty and masturbatory show

hermes is the true prince
Dog Days as an action or strategy game.
If it happened I will forgive Seven Arcs for the traverty that was season 2-3
>not Daryun
Fucking faggots, all of you.

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Aqua is undeniably the main heroine. Discuss.
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Kazuma disagrees.
No shit.
Why is she so crinkly and flappy?
I swear her clothes are always crinkled and she's always flapping

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It's painful that voice actor Kazunari Tanaka passes away at 49, Tanaka's superb performance made Shinichiro Tamaki from random mob to funniest idiot. Director Taniguchi has thought of deleting Tamaki from movie recaps but Tanaka will be sad in heaven, so CV of Tanaka is planned to change in movie recaps and I guess replacement VA should be Takeshi Kusao/Tomokazu Seki/Bin Shimada?
V.V. needs replacement too because Kazato Tomizawa is not a 10-year-old boy now, I guess VA should be Ami Koshimizu/Yuko Goto/Houko Kuwashima?

The veteran director of audiography Yasuo Urakami(浦上靖夫) passed away after he had finished directing 5.1 channels Blu-ray Disc box set of Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, so the director of audiography should be replaced by Motoi Izawa(井澤基,another co-op director of audiography in TV series Lelouch of the Rebellion) or Jin Aketagawa(明田川仁,director of audiography in "Code Geass: Akito the Exiled" and "Active Raid: Public Mobile Assault Unit Eight") in movie recaps and next project "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection"?
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Those are pretty good guesses, but still only as good as any other. I think Amisuke can voice for any role that sounds like a fierce female.


Matsuoka will replace FukuJun, and Taneda will be in there somewhere.
Aside from losing the Audiographic dude and Tamaki's VA, we may just have the original team all together, right?

I can't imagine them replacing Jun, ever, he's too iconic as Lulu
They'll need to replace Troy Baker as Schneizel too if a dub comes out. No way he's getting back into anime.

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Say something bad about luffy

>protip: you can't
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He's weird.
They need to censor his mouth.
He sounds like a woman (actually voiced by a woman, just like Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise.)

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Who is the official /a/ loli?
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Erio, from one of the darkest corners of the internet.
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Why does everyone love this little nerd?
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Delete this
Because I love little nerds? Is that difficult to grasp?
Because she's adorable. Then sometimes she's so beautiful it sends shivers down your spine.

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