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Let's end this debate,once and for all.
Eri Sawachika or Yakumo Tsukamoto
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Eri all the way. Fuck that autist.
Who cares.

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Is this theory accurate, /a/?
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They put tits in it because they wanted to see some fucking tits. That's my theory.


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Well, I've been reading JoJo's Part VII, the concept of parallel universes just got introduced.

But this kind of parallel universe is different from the Pucci's one, in which everything is recreated...

So, what exactly creates these parallel universes?

I think that the Stand creates it, just like the Mirror World or Vanilla Ice's parallel World.

Dio or Johnny says that the Universe that contains the Jesus’ body is the universe where all other parallel universes are based on, it only makes sense if the other universes are created by the stand.

Also, why the Mr. President can take the body parts to the parallel universe? He can’t take the pieces to these universes? I think so… it makes sense, because the other parallel universes are created by the stand, and since the power from the Mr. President come from Jesus itself, it can’t hide it in worlds that is not the original one.

Or… the parallel universes are actually other universes created after multiple Big Crunchs and Big Bangs? Just like the current Universe, which was caused by Pucci?

Please help me to make me understand this stand concept.
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>But this kind of parallel universe is different from the Pucci's one

Just a meme its the one at the end of Part 6
You can literally just skip to the very end of the tace, because everything stops making sense after Valentine joins the fight, just a shitshow full of asspulls.
So the universes where Mr. President bring his copies are actually the same kind of parallel universes created at the end of part VI?

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Was Kill la Kill created to essentially be the complete opposite of Gurren Lagann?
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No, absolutely not.
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It's the same. They fight and rebel against a dominant government and try to abolish it to live freely in their way. It only spells out anarchy for me.

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This is was so gratifying, she had it coming for a while now.
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I was a Manamifag for the longest time but this sequence was stupid.

Best dad.
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Why was this show so fucking bad?
Why do you have such pleb taste?
It wasn't bad.

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PV next week
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Whoa, by Kyoani?
Sign me up!
Can already tell this is going to be AOTS
That tail has to weigh more than that girl.

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Isn't all anime just porn? You watch this cute girls because you want to fuck? Really makes one think.
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Just because you watch anime to "watch this cute girls because you want to fuck" doesn't mean everyone does.
I wouldn't mind if it all was ballslapping and cum-spewing vaginas. Adults need to have fun.
Isn't all life just porn? You live this life because you want to fuck?

>Weeks since release
>Still no HD subbed version of the OVA

What the hell /a/
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Suck a subber's cock, faggot.
Nobody cares about this shit.
Remind me again why there's such an hateboner for FT too. I've only caught up recently after ignoring it for 200 chapters.

[gg] is gonna come back for Season 3, right?

The trip back to 2008 wouldn't be complete otherwise.
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[Horriblesubs] will do it.
but they aren't meme worthy, they just steal scripts.
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all but confirmed
we're going back boys

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would you risk it?
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Why not put it in the pooper?
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Who wouldn't?
Nigga, I love sharktooth girls

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why you dont buy anime /a/

its like 6 dollars a serie on ebay with free shipping and you get a nice cute box
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Not all anime is that cheap. Also for only 4 episodes.
>buying some shitty chinese/malaysian bootleg
Because I can watch it for free.

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Lelouch's reaction was so touching. Aside from Nunally, Rolo was really the only person Lelouch liked or cared about.
Is this the pure, calm and beautiful girl?
Rolo is pure cancer, he's the Rossiu of Pizza Hut, just like Shirley was the Orihime of Pizza Hut.

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Omg guys Haruhi s3 confirmed

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Another spin off?
No just a fake account looking for laughs.
nah dude it tweets in japanese so it's legit

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Is there an anime that broke your heart so to speak?
That pissed you off when you watched it, then left you sad and feeling like shit when it was over?

yes for me, it's a bit of a long story, I'll try and keep it short

>discover Inuyasha at 13 yrs old in 2004
>best thing that ever existed, fucking adored it
>show kept going for 3 years
>at 14, already a bit annoyed and cringe at stuff like shippo, "sit boy", jaken, kagome going to school etc. still good though
>at 15, tired of the show lasting so long, cringe real hard at the stuff mentioned above, just want to see it end
>last episode doesn't end the story
>extremely pissed off already then
>years pass and final act gets released, about 18 yrs old
>too old for this shit, no english dub anyways so fuck this
>forget about Inuyasha, years pass
>even though I can guess how it ends, feel the need to finish this, I need to watch it all, I need to
>25 yrs old
>for the 26 episodes, I keep cringing like hell, calling bullshit on everything, screaming shitty plot and lazy writing, then the show finally ends
>I feel fucking devastated

well yeah, that's it I guess, I'm not here to rant or argue, I just feel really bad and wanted to talk about it to someone
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pls don't
From reading this, it's unclear if you changed or the Anime. If you have changed then its your fault for not staying pure and becoming unpure.
don't what? talk about it?
eh that's fine, the OP would do

what about you feeling the same way about a anime like I stated in the beginning?

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