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Why is the second season of Hibike! Euphonium no called "Hibike!! Euphonium"?

K-On!'s second season was called "K-On!!"
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Because KyoAni is trying to prove that they can do things differently (they can't).
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They ran out of exclamation points.

Japan's largest exclamation point factory was in Fukushima, and after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, exclamation points became very scarce.

As a small company, KyoAni simply doesn't have the budgetary wherewithal to spend money on superfluous punctuation and must rely on its reserve of punctuation purchased prior to the 2011 disasters.

This is also why no KyoAni show has featured a in the title since LuckyStar
How did Keijo!!!!!!!! afford all those exclamation marks

Anime women will never understand.
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This thread pops up every month and it always brings in /lgbt/, /pol/, and reddit.
Princess Tutu.

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did exdeath die?
Yep. They finally fucking got her.
Who cares anymore

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Say nice things about my wedding with Kazu-chan!
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Will there by any CODE GEASS?
Woah man, the board is too fast now and there wasn't enough Chi-sama this episode.
Wait at least a few hours.

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I love this series, but because it's so old, it's rare to find anything about it. Anyone else a fan?
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Lum is mai waifu.
I love it, it is my favorite anime and Lum is my favorite female character in all of anime.
There was a streaming event for it a month ago or so. Well it ended like a month or two ago.
here ya go buddy, hope you have a large hardrive:

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This is your beta tester for the night
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I don't need any shitty casual beta tester, my grandma can betatest, get me a active trunk tester that can deal with the fact that his hardware might explode any minute.
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More like memes tester
She can beta test my dick

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I strayed
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We can't help you.
That's pretty gross.
Your shrinking fetish might've gotten a bit too extreme if you look like "Honey I shrunk the kids" mode.

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How did they fuck?
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She's not an impure straight, she's a lesbian.
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She rubs him over her pussy, similar to how you run a semen-encrusted sock over your micropenis every night after ejaculating.
look up into [living clothes]

If I was a little girl
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Some day.
>twintails and glasses
You'd be the cutest girl.
I'd made you my bride

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Which anime is the COAT (Comfiest of All Time)?
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gotta be FLCL
Out of those 3, Flying Witch.
I like the more grounded feel it had, Aria is on mars in the future and NNB is so idealized it's nearly literally heaven.

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>Infinite Stratos sold 33,863 on average
To this day, it still blows my mind
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It's a testament of how good the series was.
It shouldn't.
That season was garbage.
It invented a genre
And its probably better than your favorite show

Best girls in their respective series

Starting it off with an obvious one
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Another obvious one.
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With out a doubt.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

21 days! part deux

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Had to fix the image.
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That's a nicely decorated tree

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Let's start...
I'm in love with Mizore desu
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Right here
Her mom is better
No way her mom is

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Say something nice about Mitsuha.
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that movie was shit
Is there any footservice in the movie?
Wait, am I fapping to Taki?... I don't even care desu.

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