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Draw an anime girl in a 8x8 sprite.
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Uh, prospero ano y felicidad?
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agdg tan.png
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sure anon, happy new year.
remember to use the ñ when writing año (year) versus anon (anus).

if anyone want something I'll try to make it.

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Ahagon? More like Ahogon.
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Go lick curry out of the indian vagina
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Ahagon? More like Ahagay

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Have you hailed your emperor today /a/?
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Yeah, with my dick.
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Nero a cute!
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Will 3d anime ever look good?
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>no tsundere pink haired samurai
Jack-O is good though
File: jingi.webm (534KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But it looks good enough.
>no kuudere golden haired assassin
Oh wait, there's Millia.

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>episode ends on a sad note
>the cheerful silly ED song comes up
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>sad ending is kino
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>episode 11 of SnW.
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>After Story episode 16

What were they thinking?

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dumb fucking animus
Is it dub only viewing mainly or do they not mind listening to Japanese voices?
sub-only,i think.

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This has always irked me, there wasn't any timeskip between the mugan invasion arc and the deep-space arc, yet it looks like simon fucking downed some spiral steroids and proceeded to rock the fuck out of everyone

i mean unless i missed something and a timeskip was intended or some bullshit I DONT KNOW
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Sometimes they deliberately draw characters different depending on the mood of the show.
I mean, if they can use spiral energy to reform parts of their robots during battle, I'm sure they can spontaneously grow muscles.

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yuuri katsuki.jpg
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This guy is literally just a heterosexual version of Shinji Ikari
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It seems I missed Shinji's Eros.
Reminder, beta males of Japan, Europe and America.

Normal-looking guys with glasses like you can become popular with girls if you train your butt off, stretch a lot, become slim and fit, and also commence some kind of homoerotic relationship with another good-looking mysterious foreigner.

Girls want bishis like Link, not fatties like He-Man.

Now you all know, and knowing is half the battle.
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Bath scene

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What is your opinion of Major Kusanagi Motoko?
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Jesus Christ is there anything that brown fat man can't marry?
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mami's wedding.jpg
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Mami, since she's already taken by Dragonite.
what version? manga, movies, series?

in the manga, she's a cynical and egotistic asshole

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We're literally a month a way before a lackluster anime that probably won't sell well and made by one of Japan's shittiest anime studio airs its second season.

Let's face it, it's going to be shit and it won't get another sequel after this. The sequel will be a mistake and the final nail to its coffin.

It won't be long before we say our final goodbyes to the Megumeme threads, so when the time comes, let's enjoy it while it lasts.
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>implying I'll let you enjoy it now
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>It won't be long before we say our final goodbyes to the Megumeme threads
I'm more of a fan of Aqua anyway.
Good, konosubreddit is overrated

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Rui is love
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what happened to rapist-kun?
Jesus, this made me realize how long the translation has been dead.
What chapter is this?

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Did all the animals and other forms of life down to the tiniest microscopic bacteria or virus merge into one in third impact? Or was it just humans?
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what's he thingken about?
It doesn't matter and it was never indicated. It wouldn't make sense tho cause animals can't imagine themselves within their hearts
The penguin was in there, so I can only assume so.

3x3 time.
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watch more anime
I will do no such thing.
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I like this one as usual.

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So why don't we have a good anime about chess? We've got anime for mahjong, go, karuta, etc. I can't think of any standout examples of any anime/manga about chess.

I want chess with anime girls and power levels.
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You read manga if you want variety.
Code Geass? NGNL?

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
>of clock
>of newfag

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