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Whats your favorite villain defeat in anime?
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Lol at sperglords thinking that dbz is anime
I find villains getting defeated highly sexual.
When Eriri lost.

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Utapri Thread
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>tfw still haven't even watched S1
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Is this the SLOWEST fucking anime of ALL time? Seriously, nothing fucking happens for episodes at a time. I can leave an episode to run in the background, come back for the next episode, and not have actually missed anything of value. It's just fucking talking, nothing else. Hardly any progression of the story, pure, unadulterated tedium. Cute girls though.
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it`s funny that someone said that, this anime is just to complicated for you my little child
>watching monogatari for the plot

It does seem to be more of a novel than a television show. I really dig the thematic orderly backgrounds that Senjougahara always had though.

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EF vs zeon .gif
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Who was in the wrong here?
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Feds, as proven in Unicorn.
>Zeon, as proven in Victory.
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ay ban.jpg
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>muh newtypes

Why is Keisuke such a faggot?
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No girl can beat the D.
INEESHARUU DEE [ keyboard noises ]
Unless you're the kind of person who's never had anyone outside of their family show affection to them, there's more to life than just fucking everyone who wants your dick. Kyoko was batshit insane, but even if she wasn't, there is literally nothing wrong with Keisuke choosing to pursue the D over her.

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Does /a/ prefer harems where the members are friendly with one another or are in active competition with each other?
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Active competition, followed by harem end
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Only faggots would prefer the latter.
As long there is no yurishit shoehorned in it. Even subtext.

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New chapter soon.

Will Anne-chan be fine?
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I need to catch up

>I have never meet a man like you before
What did she mean about this?
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Daily reminder Kallen will win Lulubowl
That's the same line she gives to every guy she likes. Lelouch is actually the 8,463rd person she's told that in her 700 years of life.
Kallen already belongs to someone else

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Was this the Madoka of western marketed children shows?
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I want digimon tamer sequel.
If madoka took place in a desert, had awful adult characters that take all the screentime and had shoehorned characters that made no sense yeah

No you dont
I do, you fagola

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>You'll never have a Takagi-san
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Is this official art? Man the author really upped his game in the art style since the wind blowing chapter.
I want to fuck her bookbag.
How do Takagi-san's lips smell like?

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What are your favourite anime of 2016?
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Is this a 3x3 thread or an AOTY thread?
so far, this:

and pokemon
1. Hibike 2
2. Mob Psycho
3. Rakugo
4. Flip Flappers
5. Occultic;Nine

Why does this happen, /a/?
How could the real translation get it wrong?
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translation is rewriting a concept into another language, not a scientific process.
What's the raw say
Japanese Oh = English Yes

Nips only borrow words and phrases from the Queen's English and use it incorrectly to fit their purposes.

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Raw manga thread
What are you reading?
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>What are you reading?
This thread
>What are you reading?
This general
>What are you reading?
This post.

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/a/ hates bad self-inserts but what makes a good self-insert. Take Lelouch:

He's intelligent but nonathletic.
He's charismatic.
He's tall, dark, mysterious and handsome, which attracts tons of women but he doesn't care much.
He hates his father, loved his mother, and loves his little sister more than anything.
He uses unconventional methods.
He has secret identities.

Is this how you do it?
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Lulu isn't a self-insert
You forgot nihilistic
Well lulu is well made character and the thinking type... etc. So I guess he's a good subject to self-insert but I don't think that he was meant to be such. Just because you can understand a characters motivations doesn't make him a self-insert type.

>[HorribleSubs] Watashi ga Motete Dousunda - 09 [720p]
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she is butifel
Isn't this the second time he's gotten a face full of tits? And to think he was worried about falling behind.

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