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Why did they all fail to produce the CG levels of fun?
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We will never have fun on /a/ again. This has turned into a place of general threads where the same things get posted until bump limit and then remade.
They were too scared. That was it.

They only put their toe in the water when it came to twists. They didn't fully dive in like Code Geass when the goal was for only full on entertainment.

You can blame Japanese mindset really.
What was this?

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Who can stop them?
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>new AD
>new episode director
should be fun

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getting all the ladies would be nice
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What was the point of this episode?
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Comedic relief
filler shit
Comic relief.

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You open your door and see this. What do you do? hopefully not something lewd
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Something lewd.

There's a police station just down the street. I'll bring them there since they seem lost.

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ITT: characters that are literally you
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but not as smart
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Esdeath is kill
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That last chapter was really a wild ride
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>right in the tits
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Still a BEST

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Literally beta orbiters: the series.
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Can't a woman dream of seeing hot guys having sex with each other?
Of course she can as long as she isn't disgustingly fat.
Senpai > Igarashi > Nishina > Shinomiya > Nanashima

Oh my god, I love Rabi En Rose. I don't say this very often about anime girl characters, but she's perfect! So beautiful! She's my favorite character, definitely better than Dejiko and Puchiko.
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I love multi-coloured subs.
Rabbits are for _____.
It is really cute that they do that. Different colored subs for each character

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Why do you elitist fags think Mirai Nikki is shit? What is wrong with it?
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I don't. I thought it was pretty great.
I know this is you, Dahlia.
Fucking hate how the anime ending, literally the last minute of the show, is different from the manga.

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What are your honest thoughts on this pairing?
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I like it quite a bit.
I also like it but sure as hell I don't like being baited
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Unrealistic, because Kumiko is heterosexual.

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Is this the cutest character in the history of anime? Isn't she amazing and cute?

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What's wrong with her hands
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No, but pic related is
They're angled backwards

It was much better now that I binge watched it instead of one episode per week.
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Nah it's shit.
G-Reco is shit no matter what way you look at it.
that was my expression when I finished reconguista in g

This is my wife, please give me your blessings.
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what a shit waifu
She's ugly
This is a picture of Renge at 17 years old. I hope you stop liking her even after she stops being a loli.

>Saint Seiya panel at Hueland CCXP
>Toei exec reveals they're working on three new projects
>One is another CGI animation, another is a live-action movie
>No information on the third one

This is gonna suck, isn't it?
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>CGI animation
LoS sequel? Why? Nobody liked it?

>live-action movie
Probably another Kurumada property, I seriously doubt it's another SS retelling. There's Ring ni Kakero. They did a live action of Fuma no Kojiro like 9 years ago but there might be copyright issues

Anyway, stop teasing us Morishita! I've been waiting all the 2016 for an oficial announcement
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>the CGI movie flopped because the fujos got super mad about a Milo being genderswapped and boycotted it
>they still want to do another one
Is Toei run by a bunch of monkeys?
SoG sucked a little less than the past SS animes so maybe this time we'll get a mediocre title, what would be a huge improvement over what we've got for the last 10 years

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