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Is it finally this man's time to shine?

Will Gohan be left behind?
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>yfw yamcha jobs in baseball too
I haven't watched Super, but I would love if Yamcha had a day in the spotlight. The episode that focused on him the most was his fight against the mummy in Dragon Ball, and he got his ass kicked there.
>can fucking fly and move at supersonic speeds
>probably has a reaction time of an impossibly small fraction of a second
>Endurance for days compared to the average schmuck
>Uses his powers for professional baseball

So yamcha's got to be pretty famous right? I can't imagine his team ever losing a game with him playing when its all powerless athletes as competition.

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Go back and watch the old good shows despite them being old.
Downside is no one will be discussing it and you're pretty much on your own.


Don't give a fuck about old anime and just jump into the current season and have fun watching with everyone else.
Downside is that you don't get to see old shows.

I would argue that how 'good' the old shows are doesn't matter because the new shows are good too.
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>Downside is that you don't get to see old shows.
Current shows will be old shows in the future
Irrelevant point
Its about what is new or old at the current moment in time.

If you have seen old shows there is no reason to care about this because you have seen them and you can just go on to new shows.
>new shows are good too

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What did they mean by this?
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Keep watching and all will be revealed. Provided you're capable of independent thought you'll figure it out around episode 35.
I meant the lyrics
Engrish and or bad translation. I didn't much like the opening truth be told.

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What the fuck happened to Wakaki after TWGOK? Was he just a one-hit wonder?
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Yeah, If I remember correctly, he was doing a comfy cafe manga. Nobody is talking about it though
Pretty much all mangaka who do popular long-running manga are one-hit wonders though. I mean do you think Miura is going to top Berserk after it's finished?
He followed it up with a manga which wasn't very good. Got cancelled like a month ago.

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They're in their first year. If they take the seats so soon what else is there to do for the next couple of years?
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Comfy cooking and Valentine's arc.
International cooking school tournament arc
Studying abroad/globetrotting arc
Super strong transfer student/ first year.

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Can we have a Christmas cake thread, please?

Who's your favorite cake?

What kind of cakes do you like?
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Yomikawa is my favorite. A combination of operator and school teacher, which provides plenty of fuel for fantasies.
Oh, I like. Definitely ample material. Plus those cute eyes
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How relevant is Kaoru Niimi from Space Battleship Yamato in her series? Does she make more than one appearance?
Also, pure cakes are the best.
If I had to pick one cake to date, it would Mishiro from Idolmaster. I like formal types.

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Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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be there or be square
Hopefully no ban today.
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Why does Shinkai love giving his audiences blue balls so much?
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Each one of his films is an instruction manual on how to be a beta faggot.

He is creating a fantasy universe in which women are attracted to men who are timid and refuse to mature into adulthood.

Garden of Words was as bad as some of his other garbage, like 5 CM Per Second.
I bet you hate Your Name as well.
I just watched 5cm per second. Is it actually popular? I knew going in I was getting blue balled but they still surprised me. Holy fuck that whole package was ass. Just NTR my shit up senpai.

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Precure thread
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Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!
Porun is cute
Here, you can keep him.

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How can they get away with airing filth like this on Japanese television?
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It's going to be the best sakuga anime of 2017
Every time I think I can't be surprised by weird anime plots anymore something like this comes out.

At least the loli looks cute
>airing filth like this
It's been like that since Haruhi, m8

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Why can't the only reason we consider sub's superior in voice acting is because we can't comprehend what the hell they are saying? Or how much they stretch their words and syllables.
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Subtitles are superior because it's harder for someone to replace the dialog with their own shit. When they try anyway -- and some of them absolutely do -- it's obvious and they can be called out for it.

It's not really about the talent of the voice actors.
How is it more obvious if you can't understand the language, anyway? If your answer involves learning the language, then you're already doing it wrong because you have no excuse for needing subs.
Because you're projecting. Not only can I comprehend what they're saying, but even back when I couldn't it was obvious how most original anime voice work was far superior to dubs.

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Which female general would you serve under /a/?
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Only started CG recently, but would die for Cornelia desu.

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Popularity poll results
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Who's the number 5 girl?

Also surprise the Samon idiot friend made it all the way to number 3, never knew he was that popular.

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Do you think there would be the same lack of concern if Misato was a 29 year old man adopting a 14 year old girl?
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If the ages were reversed but their personalities remained the same then Misato would still be the aggressor and they would have a relationship reminiscent to Kaji and Asuka. In episode 23 their tumultuous father/daughter relationship would come to a head as Misato, broken with the pain of seeing her fellow pilot Kaji die to an angel tries to seduce her guardian Shinji, who brushes her off as being too young (though he almost goes for it). /a/ would flip its shit over this scenes for years afterward.
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>an alcoholic slob father trying to raise a punk teenage daughter with emotional issues
/a/ has seemed pretty fine with it, actually
Considering they never fucked I wouldn't mind it. It certainly would seem a lot more natural.

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Which one /a/?
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With how they turn out in the newest chapter, most definitely Suou.
Not even recognizing what this might be from:
left looks like either a whore or a layabout because she has no tie.
Right looks high maintenance what with the twintails.
Center looks just right.

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