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She did nothing wrong and didn't deserve that ending.
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She literally sucked dick.
If she did nothing wrong she would still be alive
truly best girl who fell for the wrong guy

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What are some other anime like this? Why did Japan stop using this art style?
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Boku no Pico
>Why did Japan stop using this art style?
Because Westcuck /co/ shit is fucking gay
onii baka desu chan

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>decided to fuck a woman instead and impregnate her when a faggot challenged him to a fight
>he can easily tell if a guy is strong just by looking at a picture
>able to see fast spinning objects with ease
>one of his son is a gang member
>another one of his son is a cunning guy that plans to take over the world
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YFW newfags underestimate him because of that shitty picture of him.
That is one badass rabbit!
Anime when?

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shit went down
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Tell me how it went down.
File: 014_001_16.jpg (379KB, 715x1013px)Image search: [Google]
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How do you make Senpai notice you?
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Be forward and seduce him. Being a girl and attracting a guy is like shooting fish in a barrel.
become chuuni
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love cookies. Made with love..jpg
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Say I 'made too much' and offer him a Bento... A Love-Bento... Containing Love.

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>Reminder that there is simply no point to this character because he has neither contributed to the plot, advanced the storyline, or had any meaningful interaction with any of the cast whatsoever.
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But he has nice ass and thighs
There is an easy way to describe OP's situation

One giant "WOOOSH"
How did this faggot get through training camp to become a knight or whatever?

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Or that was her goal.
May be she's getting off of that look.
what happened?

did Mimika start gushing so hard that it made Yuzumori-san angry?
What did she say to her?

"can I invite my friend over for a threesome?"

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This is your heavy cruiser for tonight.
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Heavy cruisers
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I want to lick Harunas armpits after a long sortie.
Not daijobu!

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What did she mean by this?
>the most successful killer of all is a seven year old

I don't even know what to think of this. What a bunch of losers, being showed up by a first grader.
I don't know. I can't read runes

File: Macross-Delta-4.jpg (888KB, 2000x1268px)Image search: [Google]
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>This is Macross in 2016
What went wrong?
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Idol-shit got out of hand
There is nothing wrong with Freyja, Mikumo, and Rei-Rei.
>Caring about Macross after Frontier

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Misumi Rin.jpg
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Before of the new okusama ga seito no kaichou episode.
What do you really think about of Misumi Rin?
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I wish she was flat. Overall I prefer Kaichou.
Deserves to drown.
She's a bitch.

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>no re zero ep today
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File: 1478507338109.jpg (57KB, 801x528px)Image search: [Google]
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Not only that, it's a pretty bad season altogether. This is perhaps the only season where I only watch one show (and that's Keijo, which isn't exactly high art itself, and dragonball super but that's not a seasonal show). Luckily next season looks very promising.

Having Re:Zero continue would make this season's drought a bit more bearable.
Your shit taste is whats killing the industry.
File: 1473603818603.jpg (88KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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>western taste killing the industry
come on newfriend

File: FIGURE-026293_06.jpg (88KB, 800x640px)Image search: [Google]
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Is the Fate series Chuunibait?
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You're gonna have to explain this one to me.
Probably. Who else could stomach the story?
It's legit chuuni.

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Best CG.png
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The Waifu of the waifus, Her Majesty Lady CC will come back soon.
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She has less personality than Tamaki. Shit-tier waifu. Basically a bad Rei clone.
Lelouch should fuck her already
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Bad taste, The /a/non of 4chan commands you; fix it right away!

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ITT: Great concepts that were executed poorly
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>great concept
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Have you knot played Kagetsu Tooya?

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