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Can you survive?


because I can't :'3
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Lost hard. I've been revisiting Black Jack stuff recently because another series I've been reading introduced a genderbent version of him. Anyway here's mine.
>Hohoemi no Bakudan

I bet this one will get you too then.


What do you think of Isekai male leads?
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>There is a VR game called “New Communicate Online” (aka. “Nekomimineko Offline”) which, due to being filled with bugs, is in a sense quite popular. One of its diehard fans, Souma Sagara, ends up inside the game by the power of some mysterious artifact. He was surprised by the sudden occurrence, but this was the world of a game that he knew inside out. Exploiting a multitude of bugs and using all of the game’s tricks against itself, he became known as Strange Sword User Souma.

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ITT: tropes you unironically enjoy in anime

I'll start
>big weapons wrapped in bandages/cloth, ie. Wolfwood's cross in Trigun or Samehada in Naruto

I don't know why but it just looks cool
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Things covered in bandages look cool overall. It's something that I haven't seen outside of anime/japanese games and I don't even know where it started, but I sure as hell ain't complaining.
Fuck off narutard
not being shit

Ok just saw this - few questions.

What started the body switch?

Why did they forget each others names?

I flew interstate for The Wind Rises and this shat all over it.

General discussion I guess.
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>retarded spacing
>What started the body switch?
>Why did they forget each others names?
Doesn't matter.
Thank you Shinkai for not going down the 5cm/s route for the ending.

Sally the Witch and the Magical Girl genre is turning 50 years old tomorrow.
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Will we get BDs at some point?
Wasn't Sally also the first TV anime to be recorded in color?
One of the first, but it took until episode 18 for it be broadcast in colors.
Second season was my first anime ever. I watched it being so young it probably influenced my tastes a lot.

Just rewatched it and damn, it was better than I remembered.

Cal just wanted to live with her husband.
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>it was better than I remembered.
How bad did you remember it?
Is Scythe Master the most retarded name in all of all of anime villainy?

Wonder if the visual novel is worth reading for the other endings. The anime ending was pretty good though.
Only remembered some key plot points and that I kinda liked it.

The novel has some interesting endings like Zwei destroying Inferno. I would say it's worth it.

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Gook scans of 330 are finally out:
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I don't get why people hate Benio so much when this thing even exist.
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His presence is to justify bestiality doujin
I'm talking about Mashiro.
Jesus Christ, stop posting now.

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50 % Man. 50% Machine 100 % Orange.

Please /a/ he needs to appear in R3
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>yfw lelouch comes back
>orange is working on his farm with his private loli
>it's a hard, sunny day
>"Working hard like always, eh orange."
>he turns around
>it's lelouch and his fuccboi Zero
>"You really took you're sweet time."
>"Come with me."
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>Implying even Loyalty could beat his Orange farmer and loli-loving life
Stroheim clone

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Vaporbeat sounds nice

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Now that we are all somewhat less autistic can we agree how damn overrated this show is?
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Yeah I was just pretending to like it.
>Now that we are all somewhat less autistic
What led you to this conclusion?
No shit it's overrated.

Hard not to be when you're an 11/10.

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This was some good shit.

Fucking smartass Shinkai with that 5cm/s fake-out before the end.
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Just finished watching it for the second time today.

Doesn't have the same emotional impact, but it still wasn't bad.

The insert song is still annoying, except the last one. They spent too few time showing the body swapping shenanigan. The first part was generally better than the second part.
It would've been better as a TV series. There wasn't enough time to develop the story it was telling.
Children Who Chase Lost Voices was pretty different, though. And is still his best movie. And Garden of Words actually had a happy ending.

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How often does that happen in anime ?
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Rinne no Lagrange for sure.
S1 was fantastic while S2 was just complete trash.
Psycho pass

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>Mark Gatha, English voice for G Gundam's protagonist Domon Kasshu confirmed as another casualty of 2016

Say it with me, /a/... one last time. Let us give a proper farewell to the man who was once known as the King of Hearts.


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Fucking 2016


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Would you hit you're waifu?
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Depends, Which one?
You seem to have used "waifu" to mean favourite female anime or manga character out of a certain series. Oops!

Don't worry, I've got your back. I suggest that you should learn what it means, by lurking more. Alternatively you could visit a a website more suited to your kind, for example r/anime.

Thanks for reading!
i'd hit it

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