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I still can't read this, does it say something about a second volume?
Can someone translate?

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How does it feel knowing your waifu is a namefag?
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It makes me feel fuzzy that she went out of her way to be super obnoxious when she shitposts.
Mayushi > 4channer

>open /a/
>no pingpong girls thread
I just started watching it yesterday and thought to myself why didnt I watch it sooner.
Also, usagi a cute.
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Do we know if this is 1 or 2 cour yet?
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I thought this show would be more popular
At first I thought it will be just another bland show like tekkyuu with no plot whatsover so I didnt care. But then I got
>twintails gets over her inferior complex and be stronger with puppey
>actual intense fighting like other shounens
>some cute perv jokes without being overdone like Keijo so it doesnt get boring
Currently watching ep 7 and I hope I will see the main fight soon.

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Hey guys, can a loli be carry-on? Asking for a friend.
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I usually have to bring my dick as a carry on because its so fucking massive
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it's been a while.gif
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probably over the weight limit you might have to leave their legs and arms behind.

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Why the FUCK did this guy get a happy ending?
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Honestly, he had to suffer a lot so I think he deserved it since he was loyal to no end.
I hope he's going to lose it in S3..
He better die a traitor's death.

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>watching the sub
>m-muh JunFuku
Reminder that the u is silent

Will you now visit Israel, /a/?

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>He doesn't want to visit Al-Quds

Only after the righeoust owner of the land return though.
Would go if it was actually animated. Fucking cheap Jews.
Fuck off goat fucker. Holy Jerusalem belong to the Christian.

Why is Madoka's innocence so sexually arousing?

Just looking at her makes me think about my flesh sinking into hers while she moans softly.
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>Madoka's innocence
>sexually arousing
Why does she have mamis? I thought she was flat.
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I havent been caught up with Index. A friend told me Touma gets tortured or some shit and cant actually die. When does that happen?
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That's Suzaku, a character from Code Geass.
That's Suzaku, a character from Code Geass.
That's Suzaku, a character from Code Geass.

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This left me depressed as shit for a week. Only Chrono Crusade has emotionally raped me more than this.
Are you okay?

Spoiler obviously
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
So many years, and it's still unfair

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Post yourself singing your favorite anime song!
Let's keep it up /a/
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>>150523509 Time to derail this thread before it starts
Oooooo, I hope these threads become regular. Last one was very /comfy/
Just make it during weekend

What was with the sudden time skip?
It made everything feel way too real and depressing.
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Because we need more cute girls in this gay show.
I don't think cute girls would save this show.
>way too real and depressing.
Like what? Anon discovered 4chan in 2006 and still being here without he realize?

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No kaguya this week?
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Bump also curious
jag will obviously post when he has it done
Let's not joke about that.

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>Replacing Rie Matsumoto with the TWGOK and Dagashi Kashi director
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Crashing this series with no survivors.
Really, one of the biggest appeals of this show was its wacky zaniness and that was thanks to Matsumoto. That's gone now.

Sausage Bones, take one your first remotely good shows since FMAB and tarnish it. Shouldn't have expected anything else.
So she's not stuck working on this.

Good move, honestly.

The dub king of hearts passed away.

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He gave a better performance in Zoids, I'm just saying.
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Checked. It's not fair... He deserved to live on.
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