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toki volume 1 cover.jpg
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The covers of the next Shinohayu, Toki, and Saki Biyori volumes were posted on the Big Gangan twitter. I didn't find the next Saki cover (Young Gangan) yet.

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>I didn't find the next Saki cover (Young Gangan) yet
Ritz hasn't finished drawing it yet.
Ryuuka is probably on the back
I didn't want to outright say it. Friday is the release date of the next Saki chapter, by the way.

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She must have been really ugly to fool everyone into believing she's a man
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feminine dicks brah
Saber is actually a futanari.
>No boobs or ass

I would be fooled too.

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This was the best race post-Second Stage.
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how wrong can one man be?
one of the best moments of a bad anime huh
>not the nsx race
>not >>150521653
wew lad.

It's that time again. Let us party all night together, post gif/webm of dancing anime grills!

Come listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our finest UNTZ DJs! Tonight with our special guest DJ Shimotsukei on the deck!

- Link is in the pastebin -

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rev up dem party hard gifs/webms m8, this is an all nighter.


The game ending clearly portray Aegis as the the chosen one to pass on for the protagonist. Do you agree with the writers for this choice?

Why or why not?
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Aegis a cute, my favourite Persona MC
Did you not play F.E.S. the Answer?
Fuck off to /vg/

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what the fuck were they thinking?
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It's not like it flopped.
It should have

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what are you eyeing off next season /a/ssholes?

anything tickle your fancy?
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Little Witch Academia
Dragon Maid
Demi Chan
Akiba's Trip
Hand Shakers and LWA

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barakamon tama54.jpg
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Would you a fujo?
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I wish I had a Fujo girlfriend.

One of the really tryhard gothloli outfits.
No you dont. They dont nearly look as pretty as in your chinese cartoons. Wake up

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Really makes you think...
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I'm a conservative, but I really want to fuck that cat
They're still going on about homosexuality?
But I thought Ring Wing Watch was a liberal website?

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I know I should be asking here and should instead go to /r/, /h/ or even reddit, but they haven't been able to help me and /a/ is where I first read it so
I'm looking for a doujin involving a japanese guy and a foreigner. She is blond and cannot speak japanese, the guy is praised because he can fuck a foreigner because he speaks english.
After they fucked she said "mou ikkai" and that's all the japanese she knows. I remember that in some pages, they were laying down on a bed and he was thinking "I liked fucking her, but there's one problem, she is addicted to sex!" and then she says "mou ikkai" and they fuck again.
I really need to show this to someone so I'd appreciate it if anyone knew ANYTHING about it. The author, title, or even if they remember the site where they read it.
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Sounds familiar though. Just search tags on exhentai.
Yeah, I tried that already, the threads 404'd in an hour. And not even simple tags like 'blond' help. I've tried "foreigner", "gaijin", "american", "highschool", and "glasses" for the guy.
Search in panda by tags retard. You'll find it eventually.
Search gyaru.

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He brought it
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That's some gintama shit right there. You don't see this very often.
Remind me of one time at a swim meet back in high school, where someone managed to pinch off a literal log into the toilet. The diameter must've been at least four inches. Couldn't be flushed, either.
I'm surprised he passed that and wasn't bleeding. How horrible.

Why is the average anime fan so much more critical than fans of other mediums?

It seems like everyone has something to say about some nebulous concept like the "plot" or the "pacing" of a show, and very rarely elaborate on their points other than calling them good or bad.

It's almost as if you guys are trying to justify your liking of anime to some invisible man who is silently judging you.

Explain yourself.
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It's just 4chan. Go to any other board and you'll see the same elitism.
You're not looking hard enough, and of course people are going to want to bring criticism to various shows when this is a medium that is so very inconsistent in its overall quality between shows.
Because most anime fans are ignorant of nip culture.

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Poor Gainax, i mean actually poor.

This is their new HQ.
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And it's not even a office.
Fucking kek

is that it?
How do fuck do they expect to get anything done in an area like that? That's miserable.

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del toro.png
1MB, 1366x768px
Fujiko smokes weed confirmed
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Inhaling smoke is bad for your lungs
fucking pussy

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Quick! Ilya is really fucking pissed and if you don't post something nice about her she will destroy this board!
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Hey there sexy wanna fuck?
File: 1466365478427.png (371KB, 832x868px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I will cum inside Illya until she is pregnant!

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