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Redheads are _______
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Selling lewd doujins

for hot, kinky, steamy sex

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Why did she do this?
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Because they literally want to FUCK each other's brains out.
Why is KyoAni yuribaiting with two demonstratedly straight girls?
Kumiko never called Reina out on her lack of awareness of personal space, now she thinks it's normal and it's too late for Kumiko to say it isn't

According to producer, they didn't choose Kyoani to make FMP s4 is because their skill for mecha show is not good enough.

Kinda make sense i guess.
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It's going to be GONZO
FMP! mecha element is weak anyway, KyoAnus would do just fine

It's all going to be some CGI crap anyway
It's going to have hand drawn mecha?

After rewatching CG, I came to a better realization that this guy will live a life of hell.

>Be still sentient.
>But unable to disobey Zero.

Did he deserve it or would have death been a more fitting end for this guy?
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He deserves it.
I hated how nice he acted around everyone. Couldn't tell if he saw people as tools or cared about them.

What was up with that
He was more or less the same as lelouch in a way; however, the only difference were their goals.

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Year of suffering
Year of brook
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how did the dub do, do you think?
zoro is the embodiment of willpower and relentless training to reach his goal of becoming the strongest swordsman
but if his parents are from wano or have some kind of special bushido bloodline he's just another random guy and it is expected of him to be good with swords

rub a dub dub thanks for the grub
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I’m sure what I say is already said by someone else, but I’ll throw it out there anyways. This post, of course, concerns Nami’s expression at Pudding’s news of Sanji’s proposal to her.
Initially, when I read other people’s views on her expression, I thought to myself, Yeah, Nami could be extremely upset at the news more so than Luffy. But it’s really how to tell because of the way Oda draws them. (Emotions is mostly show by the eyes.)
The way Oda’s draws male eyes is simpler compare to female eyes. It could be because Nami’s eyes are more detailed that she comes across looking more shocked than Luffy. For all I know, they could be equally shocked.
Anyways, I didn’t put too much emphasis on it until certain people made a huge fuss about it. I decided look at the chapter again and noticed that Oda actually drew their expressions side by side three times, one page after another.
The first one is when they see Pudding. Nami is clearly surprised while Luffy looks angry.
The second one is the news of Sanji’s proposal. Both are shocked. Truthfully, I think Oda could have draw Nami’s expression from the first set and it would have fit fine with Luffy’s second expression. Instead he went with a more drastic look for her.
The last one is Pudding’s whisper. Nothing to say except whatever Pudding whispered to them horrified them.
One more thing to add. Notice how Nami is in the exact center of the page, also notice how her panel is the only panel without a dialog bubble blocking any part of her face. She doesn’t say anything and her expression is very prominent here. She even holds that expression to the last panel of the page, unlike Luffy who goes back to being angry. Nami is very shocked and Oda wants you to absolutely see that.

Are the rumours true?
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All of them
No she didn't have children.
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Yes, it's true. Me and Yoko are getting married!

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ITT: Rank these very similar shows:
Yuki Yuna is a Hero
Selector WIXOSS
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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your just a fucking contrarian you dumb nigger
How is Wixoss similar to those two, also Both YuYuYu and Madoka have their strong points, tough I think Madoka's story is better, I like YuYuYu characters more

What is wrong with you?

What is the string for?
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hestia is a hipster faggot
Will she die if they took it off?
I'm pretty sure the string would produce scars if worn over a prolonged amount of time.

Mari is objectively the best prison.
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Liru would be a fantastic Secretary of State.
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Here's proof. Kaji is sitting in front of the city in both states.
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but we see the city retracting during emergency
Do you realize that's fucking water, right?
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I've made this thread at least ten times, and you're the first person to say that.

But seriously, something is going on with this city. Look at this.

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You wouldn't have sex with an anime girl, would you?
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haha yeah
No because it's impossible
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Of course not.

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Whatever happened to D. Gray Man? It was properly edgy, like an old school, pre-DBZ shounen.
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Doesn't the author have health problems or something?
Artist got sick, accused of tracing from what I remember. Then she went to this yaoi-pandering art style and I don't even know where the story is at anymore.
Cross died and everything went to complete shit

Ark Arc was the last good thing D. Gray-man had and they ruined it by having everyone fucking live magically and then killing off the best character all just to have the worst fucking characters team up and attempting to play the
>Oh I might seem evil but I might actually be good
>Alan is now 3 different people
>The Earl is just misunderstood

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Tiger Mask W is AOTY.

It has everything I want: Waifus, Retro Animation, Better wrestling than WWE, GOAT OP and ED and Yuu Kobayashi.

Why aren't YOU watching it?
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I don't like sweaty man-drama.
post em
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Do you get post-show depression? How do you deal with it?
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I know I'm a bitch but I have to wait months between shows in order to emotionally recharge if the previous show (or show ending) was good. Happened with a Code Geass rewatch recently.
>Oyasumi Punpun

Bought Arzach to ease my mind.
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Try and watch other series but I usually drop them pretty quickly if they're not as engaging. Then I get over it and start watching shit again.

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Discuss Nenew Game
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Oops, I meant "new"
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Hajime is the best new game.
If Nene was my friend we could play video games and go to the movies together and maybe my life would be less empty.

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