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Would you protect his smile?
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Though I love this show, it really bothers me that nobody will question a guy and his "adopted" child from some mysterious friends.

I hope somebody will reveal his secret, maybe the monk?
Nice tanuki magic.
Man, some udon finally.

What the fuck did I just watch? This was one of the most poorly written plot points I've ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

Is this really what you oldfags have been hyping over?
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Go watch Jojo, so that you can deal with poorly written plot points that are on your level.
10 years is a long time

Why are manga magazines like this?
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Because they're for horny kids and teenagers.
Becasue you are reading shitty magazines

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Rewatch Code Geass with /a/!
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the series premiere, and we're celebrating by rewatching it!
Starting from October 6th (When it first aired)
Every Sunday, 20:00 UTC (2 hours from this post)
Chat is on IRC but it's also embedded in the stream page.
#/k-on/ @irc.rizon.net

Today: Episode 9
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Pretty nice ep. I remember that.
Hmmmm was planning on a re-watch just yesterday and then the S3 announcement happened, funny how things happen sometimes.
Staring in 20min!

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Well I was born in the desert came on up from New Orleans
Came up on a tornado sunlight in the sky
I went around all day with the moon sticking in my eye
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Is it a thread about Uomi? Then Uomi is cute!
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have an Uomi with vacuum cleaner
Season 3 soon.

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Literally edgy 12-year-old: the character.
Why does anyone like her?
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Literally retarded 12-year-old: the character.
Why does anyone likes her?
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She grew up in the shitty parts of New York and endured a number of traumas, why the hell wouldn't she be edgy? Do you think a person like that would grow up to be well adjusted?

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So the message was get fucked if you have no talent, even the hardest work won't get you far and move your lazy ass if you have talent?
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The message was life is unfair but there's no use dwelling on it, give it all you give so you won't have regrets.
What were you expecting? Friendship and hard work conquers any problem?
That's how real life work, kid

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I'm still mad about how it end
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Eri is better. Get over it.
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Go read the manga if you haven't already. There's a whole other semester of content and the ending is much better, though you may not appreciate it if you are indeed a yakumofag.


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>anon didn't check the date
I'd watch it.
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Please tell me Railgun is better than this garbage. Season 2? Is there any redeeming this series or am I wasting my time?
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This franchise is utter shit, go watch naruto instead.
Isn't, Railgun is moeshit slice of life.
Railgun S, sister arc is the only good thing about this adaption.

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Well, here's the chapter.
This last two thread I hadn't been able to type the chapters more sooner because I was busy with college and stuff, but right now I'm on vacation so when the next chapter is released I'm going to try to type it quickly.
Another chapters:
Online: http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/danberu-nan-kiro-moteru-r19600
Download: https://mega.nz/#F!yFVyGCyB!AFdF-ZbZoxATtmoVnFmfxw
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The appeal of NTR relies on elements that only non-virgins know and love
>that lustful look when she truly wants the D
>how her body shivers as she orgasms
>the pleasure of an experienced woman
>passionate lust driven by the biological urge to breed
>when she gives in to the D even against her wishes
>the depravity and raw sex of a fully grown woman's body
>watching a respectable person give in to lust

Vanillafags = virgins
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I'm a virgin and a cuck. Explain that.
NTR and cuck are not synonyms.
OP and cuck are synonyms

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Do you miss Mayoiga?
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God no.

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Left or Right?
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neither, I want Hishoko instead
Both... and many more.
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Erina-sama, of course

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