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Help, I'm falling in love with Sakura!
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Don't worry, S2 never.
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I'll allow it.
Is she the one exception to the rule of pink being shit? She's literally perfect in every way

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I thought I was used to this series' weirdness, but this is the first time a chapter has left me speechless, and I doubt a translation will make any difference. What the fuck, Itagaki.
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The OP page comes after this one.

Will we see her in S3?
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I thought she went crazy from the Geass' order after being transferred to another school.

Maybe as a villain/psychopath
>made it her life goal to get a job at the rebuilt academy just so she could continue marking the wall
>Lelouch is resurrected
>Everyone who died while under his Geass are also resurrected.
>Most of them work under wall-girl for revenge

Who is more badass than Uchiha Sasuke?
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Uchiha Madara. I mean, is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Madara Uchiha? Let alone defeat him.
Shadow the Hedgehog.

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spooky ougi.gif
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Literally one of the worst characters. She's so autistic. She brings up the artsyness by a factor of too much which was already too high to begin with.
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I thought that was Kill Me Baby for w second.
Who are you quoting?
her character is for sleeve jobs so your opinion doesnt even matter anymore

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These are still the best two evolutions in the anime world, with ichigo having the superior form here ofc
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it should evolve in to an anime i dont have to hear about anymore
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please tell me the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the following phrase:

"Breeding with Sensei!"
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"/a/ - Anime & Manga"
Same: dispair

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Best girl.png
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Best girl of the decade so far?
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This mildly confused heterosexual girl right here.
This mischievous girl right here

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ITT Shows that don't involve any cute girls.

How many can we list?
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>but muh dio is such a cute girl xd
Kaiji doesn't count

There's a female worker at that grocery store Kaiji was working in.
>not moeshit

Why is she such a slut? She's just constantly waiting for a pretext.
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Literally perfect.
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Tama is a good girl, it's your mind that's in the gutter.
pretext for what

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>Avoid this show for years because all I hear is about it is homoshit
>Be hopelessly bored yesterday and decide on a whim to watch an episode
>Suddenly realize I marathoned the whole thing plus movies
>Besides the blatantly gay character, don't see shit that justifies its reputation, just character designs and bro scenes that only fujos would find meaningful

God damn, I missed out on a pretty good show for this long because of memes.

Anyway, was the idea of leaving Ouroboros on business intended as a sequel hook or just to keep the setting with a feeling of being alive by remaining not completely resolved? I would really enjoy another season, but I can't say there's enough material to justify it. I'm particularly interested in seeing the Lunatic/Legend plot resolved and seeing if Tiger remains in a stable 1 minute or eventually goes full normal but staying a hero.

Also if Sky High kept going to that bench in the park to wait for his waifu
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You missed out on it because of your fragile sexuality.

Hey at the time all I could hear about this show was people claiming how obviously gay and made for each other the two protagonists were, plus I was turned off by the idea of CG action. Both combined made me picture the anime as a bait for fujobucks with cheap CG animations for a hero plot that was an afterthought while all the budget went to homoerotic scenes.
The only people who are afraid of gay anime are repressed gay people.

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welcome to the nhk.jpg
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I haven't watched this show, but I've always wondered about this picture. Is it part of the plot that the guy has 2 right hands, or was everyone involved just too retarded to notice?
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That's why he always looks so sad, he's left handed.
Except he clearly has the proper amount of hands in the proper arrangement.
I think you're the one who is retarded

if you have an autistic daughter like tomoko or the naive slut of "Emergence", what do you do?
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Whore her out until she's a broken shell of a human being, then reintroduce her into society.
Since she already know how is the world and the reality of society I will just try to make her strong enough, in body and mind, to survive and enjoy things she likes.
Jokes on you the Tomoko is me, so I'm not socially able enough to produce offspring.

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>come home
>see this
What do?
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What the fuck I just wanted someone to do my laundry. Those clothes are mine.
Sorry you've got the wrong number
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me irl

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What are the headphones for?
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>strengthens her ability
>listening to music
but bikini with those things is such a turn off

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