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How do we fix Yukinoshita Yukino?
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You can't fix something that's already perfect.
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But the S2 model is completely broken

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New Newtype cover.

The king is back
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Damn, why is Lelouch so kakkoi
>gayass in one eye

Why is this asymmetrical imagery preferred in contrast to it's being canonically outdated? Ledouche has gayass in BOTH eyes now. Why is portraying the asymmetry so significant to media?
I'm still in disbelief about him being back, what a crazy timeline we live in.

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ITT: Anime you will never ever watch
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I agree, you should read it.
This is literally one of the most uninteresting concepts for a thread I've ever seen.

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>no more colored Shokugeki no Soma on Digital Jump

Is Shokugeki no Soma done for?
Also bonus episode from manga vol. 24
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if they can't bring azami arc to a close quick it won't end well for them
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SJ has become ruthless these days. Tsukada better wrap this trainwreck of an arc up quickly.
I thought people were slowly losing interest in this anyway.

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>Mou ikkai~
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Daily reminder that Kocchi Muite is Kocchi Muite
and Mou Ikkai is Mou Ikkai
Steel King > Azuki Azusa > Shit > Autism Tsukiko
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Here, let me fix your thread


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Would you /a/?

Even if you knew she could grow a D?
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we've been over this before.
the answer is fucking duh
What if your hot sweat dripped on her mid fuck? Would you end up inside his Penis?

>Even if you knew she could grow a D?

I fail to see the problem.

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What's her personality type?
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Where did you get that picture of me?
I think it's SLUT.
Confident one.

/r9k/ virgin losers hate it.

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I'm honestly curious;

Has anyone on here whose kept up with anime and manga ever notice their tastes change as the years go by?

You were into one thing and the next you outgrew the stuff you liked as everything ages and look back as to what was good and wasn't?

An example for me is I only liked naruto, bleach, death note, one piece, dragon ball, cowboy bebop and other typical shounen stuff. I never liked gintama till lately and understand gto from onizukas perspective than the students. It's weird being older than the character now when he was older than me say back then.

Now that I'm older and things have changed and stuff came out; I like gintama, zetsubou sensei and his other stuff; bakuman (somewhat; I only liked the satire), urusei yatsura, kenshin, space dandy, mushishi, one piece still, panty and stocking, lupin iii, harlock, cutey honey, black jack, uratarou, jojo (I especially hated this till later and got obsessed) etc.

Now I can tell the difference between a good and bad manga and critique then on different dimensions such as art, writing, direction, time period, etc. like an academic research paper.

Has this happened to anyone else and noticed their tastes changed over the years and became artsy and refined and have become cultured as time goes on? Or is it just me? Now all manga seems kiddy, even berserk. I dunno if I outgrew it or crave something unique, different, progressive and creative, etc. you know?

What are /a/s experiences with things like this? Can you all share? I like to keep looking for good series and stuff all the time and appreciate them for their history and time period and stuff.
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>Has anyone on here whose kept up with anime and manga ever notice their tastes change as the years go by?
Yes, it happens in every single hobby and every single medium. I'm not reading your blog.
cowboy bebob is for adults ! that's why i didn't like it when i was a kid
all started good but they went to shit

gintama is the best shonen and the only shonen that didn't suck even after 300 episodes still my favrite anime
I didn't like gintama cuz it had a bad start; but man; did it get better over time. I didn't expect that to happen 10 years ago.

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Watching Evangelion for the first time; is there a preferred order for the movies? I remember *years* ago, people were saying to skip Death & Rebirth --or maybe it was skip episodes 25 - 26? I can't remember.
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Watch the entire TV series then watch End of Evangelion. The last two episodes the series are not optional.
Thanks, it's been a long time since I looked into it.

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which one does /a/ prefer ? is code geass /a/'s favorite anime ?
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>not thinking that /a/'s favorite anime is Monogatari
its like you don't even lurk before you post
Lelouch > Shinji
Asuka > Kallen
C.C. > Rei

I heard Strike the Blood S2 is airing.

Is Risa Taneda back?

StB thread I guess. Himeragi, worst girl, strike the Sayaka and what not
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Recorded before she went to pregnancy leave.

>Himeragi worst girl
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Himeragi a best. A BEST.
>Is Risa Taneda back?
>Himeragi, worst girl

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What went wrong?
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Too much moeshit
Wuby is not cute and annoying

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Anime characters cosplaying as other anime characters

Is there a name for that?

Pic related: C.C. as Mai Shiranui
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It's called cosplay.
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cc mumei.jpg
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here is cc as mumei
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satsuki inuyasha.png
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Theres no one specific tag from what i've seen. It could be parody, it could just be cosplay (character name), or maybe even crossover.

Try any of those on any booru site or whatever else

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Hey /a/, I just wanna say this happened and I'm so fucking happy right now.
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I missed the fucking thread AGAIN?
It was good. Kaguya's and anons' smiles were protected.
FUCK. I can't believe I missed the thread. Anyone got a link to it?

Why is Ami so adorable?
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Hinako's where it's at.
Well they don't pay attention to animating anything else, so they have all the time in the world to make Ami adorable.
Calm down, Bicycle Mio.

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