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Why does everyone think Kumiko and Reina are a couple?
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I don't think anything
Their loud moans during the whole night might be a hint.
OTP of 2016. Fight me.

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>Take a qt 3.14 short-haired tomboy and turn her into a blonde, big-titted slut

Sasuga Japan, sasuga Nasu

>pic related
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Can you honestly say you wouldn't have been interested in a tomboy Jeanne?
Only if we were talking about a big tittied, blonde tomboy Jeanne. Preferably drunk.

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What would it actually be like dating any of the Black Lagoon girls?
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unless you're a tough alpha gary stu or Rock you won't find any fun dating any of them
Hell on earth.
Would be a lot safer to "date" a hollywood meth whore who goes bareback every few days.
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It would be extremely painful! But I would enjoy anyway.

Can we stream the K-On! movie around Kurisumasu?
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Mugi a shit.
do whatever you want nerd
Can we not be cancerous faggots around Kurisumasu?

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Why do we love goblin slayer?
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we don't its hack shit
easy self insert.
Meh at least armor matters

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Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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First for no Golden Time.
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Taiga is the best.
Another here.....can't wait senpais

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what exactly is it about this anime that makes it so tremendously appealing to autists?
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Bait, but I recommend Boogiepop Phantom to anyone visiting this thread.
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probably Lains tremendous autism

>empty-eyed staring
>mouth agape 200% of the time
>can't string more than 10 words together when communicating with another human being face to face
>inability to sympathize with others
>unaware of immediate danger to her personal safety

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2D women are for _________
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walking home
head patting

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>Nunnally saw his memories when she touched his hand
>Sharing memories is something only Code users can do

I can't believe some people still believe season 3 is an asspull. The truth is all of you have been in denial this entire time.
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If that's true then why did it take them nearly a decade to announce a sequel?
>mfw title is called code geass
are people this stupid?
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Hype buildup

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Talk about your favourite shonen and compare them with the glorious hxh
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>your favourite shonen

>compare them with the glorious hxh
No need to, there's no aspect of HxH that's as good as BECK, nothing it does it's half decent enough to be compared.

So it's worthless comparing them.
Mine has an ending, which HxH will never have
hiatus x hiatus 2stronk buddy

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>so welcome to, The NHK
stopped watching the series there
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You made this thread less than 6 hours ago. Fuck off to >>/tv/ with your shitty memes.
Go outside, anon.
>this will all be over... when the cicadas cry
>this will all be over... when the seagulls cry


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Hey /a/, have you ever been to the top?
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I climbed on top of a sub top last night and drifted on his cock with my power bottom

I shifted his stick while double clutching
https://youtu.be/rkroYEq--yg?t=1m38s more like this

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>be shinji
>see a ghost girl
>later see that exact same girl fall into your arms and cry out in pain
>never bring this up or mention it to anyone
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Yeah it's weird how other people can see and interact with the ghost girl too.
Are you retarded.
He is a retarded autist and he knows no one will give him the time of day.

No one gives him the time of day even when he isn't spouting some bullshit about kinda seeing someone similar to Rei as he got on town.

Another fucking good explanation is, since all japs rook same, no one really makes a fuzz about seeing someone similar to some other person since they all have the same face. That must also be why trap culture is so popular: you really aren't able to tell between girls and boys in drag,

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was it good
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What the fuck just happened
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A funny joke, unlike most of P&S

theres litteraly an episode where everyone turns to zombies and the next episode everyone is fine and its never mentioned again. if you take the plot seriously you are braindead.

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