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I'm 2 episodes in and its boring so far. Please tell me it gets better because this is apparently the "best anime" ever
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>best anime ever
What makes you think that? It's just a decent shounen. Not the best, but certainly not bad.
What is it that you don't like?
nothing ever written by a woman is the best anything and no fma doesn't get better since you're watching a weak adaptation of the source material

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I cried back when I was a teen ;_;
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also Gen'ei Ryodan 1999 > 2011

Then you should prepare some tissues because once the hiatus is over all ryodan members are joining her.
Fuck no, they are so based ;_;
They just had a hard life trashed in literally a junkyard, but in the end they have feelings and honor. They just kill mafia and rich people, nothing to care about

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I've never watched Sailor Moon before and I know pretty much nothing about it, but I want to get into it. There's a bunch of versions available and I want to know what the best/most definitive sailor moon experience is for a first time viewer. The original series? Sub or dub? What about Sailor Moon Crystal?

also sailor moon thread I guess
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Would go for either the original anime subbed or go for the manga. Recommend against starting with Sailor Moon Crystal or the Live Action for your first experience of sailor moon.

Watched almost no dubs here but have seen some of the original sailor moon dub. Would recommend against watching that one just because there is a lot of major changes with at one point at least a whole episodes cut and mixed together. People have said there is some redub of it that has been released more recently which uses the original footage so imagine that would be your best choice for the dub. Personally I would go for it subbed in original Japanase then you get the original voice acting and everything.
Damn, that's frustrating. I really like the English dub, but I dont want to have stuff cut out or censored. Is there no uncensored full English release?

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>tfw the only manga i can read now is romance manga

So this is what being a betafag feels like
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Stop using videogames term for manga, mangas are unfinished or on hold, not in "beta" or "alpha" when they are finished you fucking retard.
>Stop using videogames term for manga,

>beta is a vidya term

>but i ain't stressed

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Do you like your Sora with or without twin tails?
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I like Sora with her legs spread open masturbating.
With twintails.
Definitely with.

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Who else fucking hates Toriyama's ""humor""?
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That was just the style of the day, anon. The manga started in 1980 and the anime in 1981, Dr. Slump wasn't out of place at all for the time.
It's literally shit
The peak of his humor was Buu saga wherein Gotenks and Piccolo bicker about strategy to defeat buu while Buu himself lies down in the same room, chilling while reading a magazine and drinking a soda.

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>waaa magic doesn't exist
100% fucking retarded
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>Waaa magic exists
100% fucking retarded.
>believes magic exists
18+ board anon
beatrice does not exist since witches do not either

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This is your date for yesterday night.
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Decline because a certain someone might shoot me in the back
I don't remember a thing.
Take me back to that night.

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Are you ready?
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Fuck off edgelord.
I am.
Too bad it isn't airing until Spring 2018.
How do you know?

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In this thread you may only post the best girls
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OK I guess I'll go first then.
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Got it
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yorozuya 3D.jpg
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How bad this movie is going to be?
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I don't know. It might be good.
As bad as every other animation-to-live action adaptation.
One of the best things about Gintama is the strength of it's main voice cast, how can they expect this to succeed?

Also the anime has more than enough episodes to be able to do a serious arc/funny arc such that they can overlap, if a movie tries to do it, it'll fall flat in one category.

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>You will never get head pats from Kuro-onee-chan
Why live
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delicious meat buns.webm
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>ywn taste delicious brown

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Kuro is worst cup. She pales in comparison to Miyu.
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Its just a matter of preference Anon. What if I just really like a literal daughter of EMIYA and Illya instead of a fake imouto like Miyu

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Was he racist?
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he just likes liquorice
I never saw him say something racist.
Not at all. He isn't even human.

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Why is he so fucking adorable??
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A literal deus ex solution to the Zamasu problem.

Fucking retarded as shit.
keep crying, nerd
yeah that button is some bullshit

looking forward to the next tournament arc, as the previous one was the first actually good arc in this shitshow

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