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hardmode: no harems, school scenarios
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already a thread. delet ths
A girl kills herself and is stuck in limbo as a ghost, she pranks people and is seen as a malevent specter.

Two storylines, a guy, art sequences are dark and depiction of the girl is like the girl in the Ring. The girl, color scheme is positive in her perspective and her pranks seem more bubbly than in the perspective shown through the male.

It ends with her helping him conquer something that is obscured throughout the anime and revealed in a later episode.
A highschool boy gets a harem.

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>Name one thing he did wrong
>Protip: You can't
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Nigga allah snackbar'd London for shits and giggles
read the filename
he only dealt righteous fury to unbelievers and demons. 10th Crusade when?

>mfw nobody says GAR anymore
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2006 called, they want their meme back
1990's called they want their current year called joke back.
not even /m/ use it anymore

it just that cringe

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Rank 'em
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Mars and Jupiter tied for best
Followed by Venus
Rest don't matter.
The rest
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Mars = Venus > Jupiter > *

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what an anime will you remember fondly 10 years from now that was released the last 10 years

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psycho pass
>long neck just like the african pharaohs
really makes you think huh?

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If they're both gag characters, then would there actually be a logical winner?
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I would argue winning through overwhelming odds is more integral to Saitama as a character, and put my money on him.
Bobobo is used to fighting bald guys, though.
Bobobo isn't really one of those types. He's more silly looking, and thus has a better chance.

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>Kingdom 3rd most popular manga in Japan
>no one on /a/ reads it at all

What went wrong here?
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No waifus, no memes, no shitposting material.
I don't know enough chinese history
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/a/ has shit taste, the people here prefer stuff like magi and shokugeki sadly

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Fate series now popular enough that it gets random mentions in English news channels

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Fate is normalfags garbage.

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Idol Jihen will premiere on January 8th.
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This guy produces the music. I now want to support these Idols even harder then ever.
Bet ya the last thread got pruned because the idiot OP started with Trump and mods are still buttmad.
Would be lulzy as heck if they actually did that.

3 singles from Idol Jihen

This show is soap opera-tier retarded contrived bullshit. Why can't I stop watching?
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I hate this show with a passion.

How dare you sexualize the imoutos. They are meant to be protected, raised well, and loved by the onii-chan.

Incestfags are the worst.
Because Ayase is enough reason to put up with kirino's bullshit
Sometimes I think it's the deepest romance ever written based on some threads. The anime is pretty bad though, enjoy the music and decent production quality of S1. Kirino best girl.

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why do chinese animation cooking appliances sometimes have pointy teeth?
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Because nips have fucked up teeth.
It's cute.
Like real cute.
I don't care about the real life implications, it's cute in anime.
It gives +100 moe points.

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Why aren't you flip flapping right now?
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Because you didn't put the title in the subject.
I am not nor will I ever be a 14 year old Japanese girl.

why live

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>brown skin
>is an athlete
>likes donuts
>is sweet as fuck
>kind of an airhead
actual perfection
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yeah man
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>pale white skin
>is a model
>is crazy
>is into S&M
>smart genius

Aoi is cute and all but Junko is actual perfection. Can't compare.
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This situation could've been totally avoided if Lelouch had picked a better example than "Kill all the Japanese".
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I could tell you to do anything, like for example, "go out and give your speech completely naked", and you'd do it.
That would have also ruined everything. In a completely different way, granted but it would still ruin everything. Euphemia would have also gotten disowned for being an exhibitionist. I'd have perfered that timeline.

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>tfw you marathon a show
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>tfw you watch a show week by week and shitpost the entire time between episodes
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Best approach for people like me who has shitty memory.

Too bad couldn't remember at least 5 main characters.

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