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Are the animators aware of us in some anime?

This was a sign...
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You are stupid
it was a screenshot from siren in keijo ep3

Detective Conan

God tier:
Girlish Number
Yuri on Ice
Ping Pong Girls
Saiki Kusou Psi Nan

Good tier:
Stella no Mahou

dropped tier:
everything else
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Ping Pong Girls

>Great tier
Stella no Mahou
Mahou Ikusei

>Good tier
Dragon Ball Super
Show by Rock

>Ok tier
Long Riders

>why i'm watching this tier
Flip Flappers
>Ping Pong Girls
Cinema Citrus officially joins the VIP English club, enjoying a company of such gentlemen as KyoAni, Godakobo and PA works.

Meanwhile i`ll rate Girlish Number as actual AOTS - but in that case, for Diomedea its a fluke and not indication they became non shit.
Todays episode was great.

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ITT: things you thought before you became knowledgeable in anime/manga

I used to think Arale was a character in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and that it was about a biker dude who rode a motorcycle traveling with his little girl side kick.
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I used to think Gintama and Rurouni Kenshin were the same series.

I thought One Piece was drawn by the same mangaka as Rave Master.
I thought Rei was best girl but in fact Kaworu is
I thought Madoka was Precure

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Why is Asuha such a slut?
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daughter of a succubus, what do you expect?
She takes on after her father who was banging chicks around the same age and got someone pregnant with her.
shes half succubus

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I'm probably late but...

have we discussed Yujiro's dick yet?

Baki Dou 137 http://www.yuncomics.com/archives/1837533
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Why does he sit like that?
Is that crooked illary?
what the fuck yujiro? just that entire god damn chapter.

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Ok I just finished watching it. Couple of things:

1. Did anyone else notice the ton of similarities to Evangelion characters??
Isla = Rei (literally a quiet dull robot)
Yasutaka = Kaiji (the looks, the mannerisms, even how he throws his arm around the MC, even how he treats the Misato of the story!)
Kazuki = Misato
Michiru = Asuka (even the hair style and color!)
Constance = the glasses guy
More I can't remember.

2. Was the ending meant to imply she came back like that other giftia did with a different/fresh personality?

3. How could they have not fucked? Are you serious? She couldn't just give him one last parting gift?
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You realize Evangelion created a lot of those character archetypes so its not uncommon for shows to have them nowadays.
I'm pretty sure there were shots lifted straight from Eva in this show.

No dude, I mean like half the cast was in this show. It was pretty fucked up.

This. I mean even the gay joke Kaiji played on Shinji.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to underage 2D girls.
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It's only bad if you start to get attracted to actual children.
Well, yeah- they're 2D.
The argument is always that stupid slippery-slope one.

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Rei absolutely demolished on all levels.
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When is the full OP coming out?

Also Harunobu a best.
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Jesus christ
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What does /a/ think of Kurata?
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mob should realize that true love is when you can talk to a girl like if she was a man
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Hoping she's endgame honestly.
I wouldn't even mind hanging out with her, to be honest.

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Admit it.

You only dislike Shonen because it's popular.
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I don't
I love shounen
hey I like shounen

I just don't LOVE it that's all
some shonen is good.
some shonen is bad.
fuck you and your shit thread.

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Would you buy anime if the prices were more reasonable?
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What prices?
much, much more reasonable, and actually available? Yeah.
I'd also expect good quality subs without weird censorship and yank-localization.
I'd buy merch if it was directly available

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Is this a good show or is it a mediocre show with a good character?
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Damn good show.
its a great show and all the characters are great.
It's a good show and the fact that people keep debating over it proves it.

best anime . prove me wrong .
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Et tu, OP?
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Has fanservice ever made a show worse?
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who is that semen demon?
Has fanservice ever made a show better?

yes, every show that has ever featured fan service outside of SPECIFICALLY being plot relevant, and even then as long as it is used sparingly.

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Riza is _______
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Sheska a cute.jpg
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Contender for best girl but I wanna marry Sheska.

Fullmetal had a lot of cute girls now looking back, especially very minor ones like Rose from the first couple episodes.

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