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This is a shitpost.
Your post reflects yourself.
Well done.
Inaba best girl
That one sentence made my dick hard enough you could sharpen diamonds on it.

Start reading this.

Huh, these guys are behaving kinda stupid. Was this written by a chick? Check Wikipedia. Yup, written by a chick.

Why is it so easy to tell? Girls written by guys attract female audiences that enjoy them. Guys written by girls are shit.
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I wish OP was ded
>Even reading this pile of shit

Anime was a mistake. It's nothing but trash.
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>girls written by guys attract female audiences that enjoy them

If you woke up in the body of your least favorite anime girl, how fucked would you be?

Pic related. On a scale of 1-10, I'd be at an 8.
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>Onee-sama won't ever look my way (rightfully so)
>But at least I've got a great power and plenty of other semen demons in the city to choose from
I'd say 2.
>least favorite
I can tell you're a massive faggot.
Well, guess I get raped by some dude in a spandex suit and become a potato.

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Post pages that trigger /a/
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Did someone shutdown your other shitpost?
Nigga literally wished for an asspull.
Are we talking her about ass pulls or shit art?

>Kentaro Miura confirmed the rumor about One Shot for December 24th.
>This chapter will tell us about Guts and his friends celebrating the Christmas Eve.

I think it's pretty good that the dark and edgy manga becomes a little bit warmer. Guts deserves that.
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Just cure Casca already.
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The only good show this season is Hibike Euphonium 2

Everything else can be summed up as follows:

>Disgusting Samurai bullshit with awful characters
>Gay ice skating bullshit
>Generic nothingness (everything else)

Prove me wrong
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>Prove me wrong
Hibike sucks
We have this thread every season...
Hibike is garbage.

Is Air Gear actually worth reading? I want to give it a try, but I want to know what you guys think.
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Tenjou Tenge was better, at least up to a point. Air Gear is more generic shounen-y
Just don't watch the anime.
Is it bad?

Sagashi mono hitotsu~
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Hoshi no warau koe
Kaze ni matataite
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Te wo nobaseba tsukameru yo~

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No, you can't.
don't demoralize him go for it OP
Some days you go through the rain and some days you'll feed on a tree frog.

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rengectivate it.gif
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How fast is your waifu?
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Very fast.
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Say my name.
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You are Broccoli, from Hyperdimension Neptunia.

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Rewatching yugioh waking the dragons subbed and holy shit I don't remember it being this good.

>dat orichalcos theme
>dat based motherfucker rafael
>dat kaiba v amelda

I admit it started off slow but now that I'm into the duels back to back this arc is getting to be better than battle city. What does /a/ think of it?

Also check my 6.
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its edgy as fuck and there are a couple of "lol what situations" but it had pretty good duels Rafael was cool although he had that broken card I think absorbed power from all dead monsters him and yugi still had good duels.the turtle catapult and the dark magician girl shit was yamis scapegoat like twice though wasn't it

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What non-musical anime had the best soundtrack ever?
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guilty crown
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Hellsing TV series.

NHK also strong.

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Macross Delta might have gone to shit, but this little apple muncher is by far the cutest girl of the year.
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No one cares about Delta anymore.
Actually no one cared about it even when it was airing and even during first half when it was fun and entertaining.
On /a/ it had less active threads than lots of other series - Re:Zero, Kabaneri and even Mayoiga.
Actually people on /a/ don't know anything about Macross in general. You can create a thread about Frontier and it will get like 20 posts total.
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>Actually people on /a/ don't know anything about Macross in general. You can create a thread about Frontier and it will get like 20 posts total.
That probably has less to do with knowledge of the series and more about how older stuff doesn't garner as much attention in general.
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Stop speaking for the rest of the board, you pleb faggot.

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Why are women so sexualised in anime?
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>y r wimin secksuealleyest n x
They're sexualized in everything, go back to tumbr.
Fuck off, tumblr. Go ask your circlejerk.

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