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>open door
>see this
What do?
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Jump back towards her with superior mass and retaliate with a mating press.

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ITT: post your favorite screenshots from your favorite shows
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Fuck outta here.
Aw shit niqqa

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Is the second season of Log Horizon good /a/?
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No, it's bad just like the first one
Why don't you watch it and judge for yourself?

But really, it's a lot like the first one. Except that when it's boring it's even more boring, and when things get interesting it's even better.
Also, it starts giving some hints at what the fuck the Log Horizon world is.
basically downhill after season 1

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is asura the only guy who would actually be a match for saitama?
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What? He's a million times stronger than Saitama.
Beerus solos both at the same time.
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Is Yotsuba actually worth reading? I've decided I'll give it a try after browsing 4chan for so long, but I just want to know what you guys think of it.
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Only enjoyable if you like slice of life manga
It's my favorite slice of life manga
Best battle shounen

I don't understand. I really don't understand how they're gonna pull off a Season 3. All key figures of Britannia are taken care of, so who will be the new enemy? The remnants of Britannia in their country?
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Probably UFN internal strife
The title is Revival of Lelouch. I figure maybe the revival of Lelouch might be an important plot point or theme.

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>These are Japanese sex symbols

Who wants to fuck this? They have no curves. baka onii-senpai.
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The blonde one got blacked
when will the loli/little girl pandemic end? I refuse to watch most of the anime because the main character is a little girl.
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The redhead is really sexy.

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What emotion is Goku trying to convey here?
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The pleasure of being cummed inside
Someone who trolled the shit out of his opponent.
he wants his daily dose

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how the fuck you supposed to wattch anime without popping a boyboner over all the huge stonking bazoongas and thicc asses? i can't even get through a single episoe without fiddling the milktube
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some animes are tailor made to get your peepee in a tizzy
ironic shitposting is still poetry.
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You grow tired of it eventually & stop getting a boner since anime almost always does the same shit when it's trying to be ecchi, it's pretty boring now in my opinion.

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English scans are out:
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This was a damn comfy series to watch.
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How effective was the propaganda?
It was really cute.

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Anyone else fucking hate her? If you like her why? In my opinion she is second only to this cunt...
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Yes, but you will be drowned out by waifucucks and MUH JUSTICE.
She killed best girl

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>According to Anno, Evangelion will continue to be a mainstay of Khara’s output, and even identity.
>For the future, he wishes Evangelion will become a cultural icon, one of the cornerstones of anime, much like Gundam, which has become an institution in and of itself. Like Gundam, where many creators can play around with the elements and create their own worlds, it is Anno’s hope that Evangelion can also be set free, to be reconstructed and reinterpreted in many ways by many other artists.
>However, because he himself is an animation fan, he admits he can agree with the sentiment of fans who feel that he keeps going back to Eva for the money.


How does it feel to know that all the deep shit he put there is just a front to take your money? What deep meaning there is to what he said?
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That's not what he said you retard
Khara can milk Eva for all I care as long as it brings about projects like Animator Expo.
It doesn't really bother me. The original series is an amazing story and was engineered to be good, not necessarily to succeed. It succeeded because it was good and resounded with people.

And I wouldn't dislike more Evangelion-related content, even if it does feel like a cashgrab. We've already had extended-universe works and spinoffs for decades, so it's like not like it'd be anything new. And if Anno is interested in building on Eva and supervising projects about it, that's potential for better things than the shitter spinoffs we already have.

Do you question the integrity of a show's narrative if it has fanservice (barring ecchi shows, obviously)?
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Hell no. If I didn't want to see fanservice, I wouldn't be watching anime.
Sometimes, but it really depends. Bath scenes almost always make me roll my eyes, as do hot spring episodes and girls getting walked in on changing (and then hitting or yelling at the man for not knowing).

If it's non-sexual fanservice, then cool. All for it. Fan disservice as well, ala in Attack on Titan, you get to see nipples and a dick...but the nipples are on an old hag titan and the dick is attached to Grisha Jaeger, and it's tiny as fuck.
You should question the integrity of anything sold for profit.

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