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A few years ago we had several critic Anons who would review every idea in every thread, what happened to them?
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The got a life

>Paranoid schizophrenic is Isekaid into another world
>He's supposed to save it from Dark Lord
>He just goes batshit insane instrad
You guys begged them to leave.
Keit-ai drove them away.

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Guys, what does SAO mean? Show me that creativity. Starting with Steriotypical Aoi Orgy
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That konosuba was better

konosuba thread now
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Stuff Asuna's Onahole
better pic.

also going to read the novels tonight

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The Three Villains.jpg
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These three get into a fight.

Who wins?
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Me by stepping on them, because they're all ants.
>Literally who
>Meme bomb man
>Guy who did nothing wrong

Griffith would instantly get them to join him.
Griffith isn't Femto in this image, so I'm going with Kira.

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What does /a/ think about Masaaki Yuasa?
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Personally I think he's one of the GOAT. He's never made a bad show (although some are just average).
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My favorite director. Everything he works on turns out great.
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I fucking love Ping Pong to my last bone. I think there has never been a single piece of art that resonated more with me than that.

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Is there someone who could even top our boy Yuuya?

Protip: There isn't
Also MuvLuv Thread
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Implying pic related isn't the most badass Muv-Luv protagonist outside of Takeru.
>pic not related

But Lise is not even a real imouto.
But did he fug his sister and protected her smile?

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Oh shit nigger.png
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Oh shit nigger you just pissed off Iori Minase, the MC of the last anime you watched is going to protect you, do you survive?
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I love this character, though I have never seen her anime or played her games
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This. I want anal intercourse with the anal queen.

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Can we have a Golden Kamuy thread?

Don't you wish you had a cute hunting buddy loli?
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next week train carts chase

I stopped reading after the pointless gang war arc

Has the plot progressed at all since then

Yes, but I definitely agree that the gang war arc was boring and lame.

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ITT: anime with good dubs
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William Knight's Aramaki is the only Aramaki for me
Cromartie High School
Panty & Stocking
Kill La Kill
Danganronpa 3

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maxresdefault (12).jpg
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we post our favorite anime opening and have other anons rate our taste

i'll start

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8/10, sir

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This is your chance to justify any other show from last season
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fuck what else did i watch...... i liked something different , by which i mean better than what you like but idk what it was

inb4 rezow
Was Orange really that good? I dropped after the first couple of episodes because I realized what a horrible person the MC was for trying to retroactively click her husband and abort her baby
The only one of those I watched was New Game and it was only alright.

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So is Evangelion 4.0 a 2017 release or not?
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How long has it been since 3.33 even? I feel like its been 4 years.
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Answer me honestly /a/, does anyone here unironically like the shitty rebuilds?
moot does

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Chapter 97 is out. Starting the dump.
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What is the worst anime you have watched to completion?
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You posted it
Drag-on Brawl Zzz

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What's her appeal?
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Retard moe
Wants to have fun and makes no apologies for it
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Could a retard have pulled this off?

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>new season of code geass announced
>20 gorillion code geass threads every day from now on
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just see what'll happen when Haruhi s3 gets announced, senpai
I'd rather 10 Code Geass threads than one Hibikek blogshit thread.
Moe is over.

We /edge/ now.

We're no longer interested in talking about KyoAni moeshit.

We are only interested in anime that gives us the knowledge to resist this insane world, stuff like Code Geass, Death Note, and Mirai Nikki.

Our eyes are open.

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