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>Yuru Yuri
>New Game (AOTY)
>Sansha Sanyou
Are they /our studio/?
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>/our ___/
sup /v/
Next time at least mention Love Lab and MJP
Sansha Sanyou was hot garbage.
I have no idea which board created this our ____ meme but I wish they'd all commit suicide.

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It's bad enough that she's the token brown girl and nobody likes her, but she's flat as a board as well.

Life as Umiko is suffering
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>It's bad enough that she's the token brown girl and nobody likes her, but she's flat as a board as well

AND she's a bitch! AND she kinda deserves it! AND she's on the spectrum!

Truly suffering.
You shut your whore mouth you little shit.
She's just misunderstood.

I want to mix race with this coffee tart

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My tentative picks for winter season.
How fucked am I?
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I hate to break it to you, but modern anime is bad and nothing next season is going to be worth watching. Consider picking up something older instead.

I might check some of those out, plus KyoAni's upcoming dragon maid show.

Is Kemono Friends an ecchi?
>Is Kemono Friends an ecchi?
Not sure, it looks like it could go either way.

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>lots of women are craving for his BBC
>he shouts at them and calls them sluts

is he homosexual?
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He's dolphinsexual.
dumb jojoposter

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Any of you guys collect hard copies of doujin?
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>costs money
>takes up physical space
>have to turn pages
>have to wait in line with a bunch of sweaty otaku to get them at release

No thanks fampai.
I order mine online, a bit overpriced but I get it sent to my door and don't have to wait in line or leave my bed or the toilet
You missed the >at release part. You still have to wait for them to ship if you order online. Where as scans usually come up much quicker.

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ITT: songs you love from shows you dislike

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So what kind of guys did these girls date in uni?
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Ritsu dated me. We got married afterwards. We have three beautiful children. One is named Mio.
Did Ritsu pick the name or did you?

How did you get her dad to give her away to you?
Ritsu picked it, because she was born shortly after Mio died

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What about them?

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Hello. Me and a few other friends, are currently trying to find this rare anime called "Doraemon", based on the manga of the same name. For those wondering, the manga is about a robotic cat named Doraemon, coming from the future to a kid named Nobita to make sure he doesn't screw up his future. The 1973 adaptation aired from April to September of '73. It was the very first adaptation of the manga, and is historical. The reason why in trying to find it is because its lost. The show was frequently reaired throughout the 70's on syndication, and only in the 70's, though some people have claimed to have watched it as late as 2012 on local TV stations in Japan. The manga had another series in 1979, lasting up to 2005, and then another adaptation a month after the '79 series's end, which still airs to this day. The show was pulled off TV from syndication in 1979 by the company that distributed the manga didn't want it to interfere with the reputation of the '79 series. The company that made the show, Nippon Television Productions, had went defunct because of bankruptcy. A majority of the show does still survive on their 16mm negatives, but at least 2 of them have no audio. They can't be released legally on DVD as the company that produced it no longer exists. The production chief, Masumi Jun, has 9 episodes. He released those episodes in 2003, but due to the wobbly ass Japanese copyright laws, and word being spread, they were quickly removed. The other things we have is the audio of the final episode, some audio clips (from the episode "Crazy Stomach Clock", came from a black and white 1978 tape recording of the episode, audio was found from an archived Wayback Machine page, so dead end for lead), a rumored U-matic recording of an episode (I've gotten in contact with this man, from what I can tell, he doesn't have an episode, but that's from Google Translate, and a translation from Reddit-) (continued in comments)
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-continued (-but wasn't fully complete as I missed a bit when I pasted it.), many screenshots of several episodes, some of which were used to reconstruct some animation, the intro and credits (credits are from episode 2, as it has 2 clips of episode 3, and advertises the episode), and some newspaper photos in black and white. The only legit footage of an episode we have is from an old porno of all things, being played on a TV set (clip is from "The Lovely Camera"). We want to preserve this series, and have it widely available to the public (it's also only showed at fan conventions in Japan). We are seeking U-matic tape recordings, VHS recordings, Betamax recordings, and old video files from 2003, from FC2, Geocities, 2chan, and ect. We need your help on the search for this program, and with your help, we could finally see this series for the world to see once again. This is not an ad, and I'm not a bot, I swear. We just want this series preserved, as Doraemon is the anime ambassador of Japan, and is an extremely big figure there. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

To be honest, Lost Media stuff creeps me out. I don't think I would ever be able to watch this.
>Japan #1 mascot

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please stop.
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Digi Armor Enerrrrrrrrrgise!
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after the reboot,yukio is rekt'd?

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how can an author fuck up so bad?
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We all know who should have won.
I legitimately don't know the story

Did you say something,anon?

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Who would win?
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Complete cessation of existence.
Bugs Bunny.
Arale has better feats and is an ACTUAL gag character. So she wins.

What's so lewd about imoutos?
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They put out.

They're prime teen pussy and at the same time they're low hanging fruit, but they're also forbidden by society. It's a combination of things that makes them just the best.
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they know

What's /a/'s general consensus on the Bobobo franchise?
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The manga is good
It's anime.

Dubbed anime is still anime. Sorry.

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What the fuck did I just watch? What did it all mean? And did this crazy fucker just tell me to rewatch the whole thing?
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>What the fuck did I just watch?

Great meme thread.
I can't remember fully, but I think basically each character had some issue they were dealing with, and there was basically a mass psychosis . now to look it up wikipedia to see how shit my memory is

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