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Why are there so few series where the loli wins?
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Probably because pedophilia is a social stigma, even in Japan. Plenty of h-manga where a loli wins, though.
Hanamaru Kindergarden

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Which anime girl has the best hair?
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Double Braid Hanekawa-sama.
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No-one said Kumiko yet? Wow

Why doesn't he just get his dick wet with cash?
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Because he has a moral code, you dense faggot.
When did Shiho become so sexual damn.
This is what happens when you pat a girl's head.

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Excuse the dumb question.

Do dubs normally come out at the same time as anime episodes, or is there a lag?

If there is, how long is the lag normally?
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Never. Depends.
There is lag on the order of months to years.

Some big-name video games are released in multiple languages simultaneously, but I've never heard of an anime being dubbed in English before it airs
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Ah, I see - thanks.
How would I find out the dub timings for an anime I like?

Googling isn't really helping.

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Is everyone else gonna try and revive the original atmosphere of Glass Sunday?

I'll make so many Geass threads that at least 3/4ths of the catalog will just be Geass posting.
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And people will report you for spamming and you will get banned, hopefully.
Why only Sundays? Everyday should be a celebration of the edge because the pain of life never goes away.
What are you faggots going to do when it doesn't even air on Sunday this time?

Are there people who actually want an Ojamajo Doremi 16 anime? I don't understand the concept of sequels to a work with so much finality. I see people excited about the new FLCL and I'm always left confused.
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Which ojamajo would you fuck?
None. They are innocent little children you sick fuck.
I'm sorry. In that case, which one would you pat on the head?

How was it?
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All around decent, nothing amazing and the ending could've been much better.
10/10 animekino
Yet another KinoAni masterpiece. The rest of the industry isn't even trying.

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What the fuck have I just read?
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Best girl being best girl even after death.
I hope she succeeds at some point in time.

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Does reading shoujo manga as a male make me homosexual?
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Yes, shoujo is pretty bad.
Josei is acceptable but shoujo isn't.
See you at pride, faggot.
Are you going too?

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Friendly reminder that if you don't stick it in crazy, crazy will stick it in you.

Volume 4 translations finished.
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I don't get, why translators for this are so slow? Or It's not js06 who do it?
It is js06 i believe.
js06 updates it on the weekends, he does other novels during the week like the Kawakami works and sometimes also works on other Kamachi novels during the weekend.

New Saiki is out, mad scientist introduced.
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Why is horriblesubs so slow?
Reminder to wait for 1080 as it was made in 1080.
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Popularity poll chapter was translated

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What happened to the Soul King's position? Who's taking care of the flow of souls?
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I think mayuri was handling it right?
Kazui is. He absorbed the remains of Yhwach, remember?
Find in the next light novel!

CXC is out. Dumping.

Threadly reminder that official art is okay.
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Are there any manga with less than 2 volumes untranslated that you would like to see translated?
I don't care if it's an ongoing/completed series with two volumes out that was never translated before or a completed one that is 2 volumes missing with a dead scanlation. I will translate it soon if I like any of the ones posted.
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You could look through /wsr/ or /r/, sometimes there are people asking for translations.
I don't have anything that's too hard for me to read at the moment.
I think Kawaii Joushi o Komarasetai and Abnormal-kei Joshi fit the requirement.
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I would give my left nut for Pumpkin scissors to get picked up but it has more than 2 volumes untranslated.

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How do you feel about Mumei?
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Best girl from the best Spring 2006 show.
She's got really Nice feet and pits.
Her age should have been 15.

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