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>get hit by a truck
>end up in a fantasy videogame world
What is your next move? Are you smarter than a Japanese highschooler self-insert?
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>fantasy videogame world
I am not a gamer but let me try:

First thing's first: Talk to the people and see if your languages match.
If there's a language barrier, then search for the authorities. They would think that you are a lost foreigner and would give you a place to stay and language lessons while searching who you are.

Second step: observe the culture
Sounds simple but we all know that a normalfag would get shitted on on 4chan and an anon would get banned on other forums. Keep a sharp eye as knowing the culture can save your life...or end it.

Fourth: Know the economy and market
Since this is a gaming world then it stands to reason that everyone hunts and makes a living from quests. As such, you should know where the guids are, ranking, necessities, how the trade works etc...

If you got this right, then the next thing to do would go under generic gaming tactic. Might take more than a month before you got really prepared. Expect bumps along the way like getting in the middle of fights, robbed, taken advantage off, etc...
Sry, I meant third
>Get hit by fantasy isekai world
>End up in a truck bound and gagged

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rip nakaba
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Griamor is a big fella.
Even in a hiatus we stilll get short chapters. That is true dedication.
is there something else you wanted to say?
also is code geass is fun to watch or was it meme?

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Hey, kid. Join my familia, will ya?
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Only if you give me daily footjobs. Otherwise no thank you.
I'd rather make my own family with her.
Take off that stupid ribbon and we'll talk.

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Cute MILF cooking is back, this time with chapter 2
As per last time, if you spot any mistake (which there will probably be) then please feel free to correct me
Previous chapter >>150528967
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Chapter 2: Yakumo-san buys a rice cooker
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Every night
You have to eat 8 bowls of rice ?
My supervisor told me to eat more since I’m so thin, so he set a quota
So can you eat that much ?
I’ll bring rice next time …
It’s fine, it’s fine
How much should I cook for 8 bowl ?
Small text: (mine is 1 bowl) (Yamato-kun’s bowl is big)

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>dead manga
>dead thread
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File: 0107.png (1017KB, 959x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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I Can't Hear The Firework!

Continue from this >>150551474
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Truly the President deserved that victory!
speculation time.
how pres finds Kaguya?

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What is the foremost anime masterpiece and why is it logh?
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A dozen better anime have been released in the past dozen years alone.
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Come back once you've watched pic related.
so fucking new it hurts

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its happening
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let the ntr begin
Jesus christ is this shit even legal?

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implying you can solve this.png
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This is a classic dilemma.

Are you going to save Illya and sacrifice 5 main heroines?

Are you going to sacrifice a loli to save 5 main heroines?
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Dilemma implies I'd even need to think about the choice. Of course you save Illya.

Which side pleases the most amount of old men for money?
>old hags
>ever an option

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A corpse should be left well alone
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Surely you can't be serious.
Still warm....
hahaha fuck you ;_;

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What is your all time favorite manga?

Gunsmith Cats
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kyoko and godai.jpg
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Maison Ikkoku, I guess.

Honorable mention, Ai-ren
The anime didn't make it proper justice at all.

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What is the best and hottest kissu scene ever?
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Webm extremely related. Can't be topped.
In before Spiderman.

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Why the first thing became a cult out here?
It's secondary harem with ugly characters(except sensei and hachi) and cheap story.
At the same time Hyouka:
have a perfect animation.
have a perfect plot.
have a perfect characters and connections between.
have a cute philosophy.
and after watching leave you in a state of harmony.
But Hyouka somehow didn't get your attention.
Sorry for my eng, you sheeteaters.
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Whats the first one?
Everybody loves hyouka though.

>sorry for my eng

Fuck off
I think you're underestimating Hyouka's popularity.

That said, Oregairu had a much more relatable protag for /a/ denizens.

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He's cute. Cute!
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Curiously enough, it's one day after Asuka's.
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P-please... Don't let Lul(You) down...
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Lelouch emperor.jpg
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Happy Birthday Your Majesty.


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I really want to live.
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