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Today is "Aircraft Carriers Will Wreck Your Ship" Day, so post aircraft carriers.
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Euphie was a shit.

Only best part of her was when she died.
Sir, this is a soup store, what are you talking about?


What the fuck did I just watch?
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>watching the sub
What are you doing man
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"I am Spartacus" in a homolust chinese cartoon about mechas

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The prices for puppets are out.
Pre-order starts on Decenber 12th.
All are hand-made and limited.

The price is in Taiwanese dollars then converted to USD.
-- Only 15 are available for each of the two.
Snow Duck: 99,999 (3,143.92 USD)
Shoufukan: 86,000 (2703.77 USD)

-- The rest are limited to 10
Tanhi: 95,000 (2986.22 USD)
Tanhi's brother: 86,000 (2703.77 USD)
Screaming Phoenix 99,999 (3,143.92 USD)
Metsu 10guy: 99,999 (3,143.92 USD)
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Time to sell a kidney
And it says there specifically "Collector's Edition."
Save your kidneys.

Japanese page here:
The price seems different.
It also stated Taiwan, China, and Japan which I have no idea what it means but you are not likely to get these outside these countries.
>Tanhi's brother but no best girl

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Is 2014 UBW a fine adaptation of the VN route? Almost done reading fate route and I'm curious if I can watch the anime instead of reading the whole of UBW route; I really want to watch the beautifully animated adaptation but I know I won't have interest if I already know the plot from the VN.
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The adaptation is okay, but not nearly as good as the VN. It's fine to watch the anime as long as you have read the VN.
Read the VN first, and watch the anime for the fight scenes. There are some parts that are done decently well (first half of S1, second half of S2), but the rest is mediocre.

Don't listen to memesters, the anime was Good feel free to watch it.

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>harem show
>girls with the least votes on the official polls gets killed off every episode
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How would this even work? Episodes aren't made in only a week.

Favs die quickly then since most weebs are into fucking disgusting cowtits and traps.
>letting nips do the voting
Only way this is going to end well is by raiding them and boosting bestgirl up

that said, I dont think /a/ could handle a divide like this.

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flat shaming
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>flat shaming
In other word: anime.
I love it
oppai piggu go homu

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Just finished pic related along with the OVAs. How long will it be before the novels are translated so I can read the other half of this series?
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Never ever. Learn Japanese and you can finish them within a year.
The'll never make a second series since they nearly triggered a beta uprising with the first one
Never, series died when they bullied their own VA into near suicide.

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ITT: Memorable characters from a forgettable series.
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>not the heroine everyone fapped to
Get outta here.
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literal moonman was pretty good as well

>Busou Renkin forgettable with an OP like this

OP continues to be a faggot.


What's your opinion on coitus?
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I want to be the one responsible for her permanent messy sex hair.
A very pretty boy
Designed for edgy fuccbois to love.

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Why they get another season?
Doesn't it cost like 2$ an episode?
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Oji-san is best girl
It was too gd for this world

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The puchi is sad /a/, help cheer her up.
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I will NOT have stick my dick in her. Good god what is wrong with this board.
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santa mii-chan.png
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The Arabic 1999 Hunter X Hunter opening is the best Hunter X Hunter opening of all time
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they switched the op and the ed

it works way better than expected
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Is this a Spacetoon thread?
Thunder Jet was the shit
I suddenly want to be an arab.

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Prove to me the entire movie wasn't just a bad trip from drinking some nasty old saliva alcohol?
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...He only drank it near the end?
The movie literally had time travel in it. Maybe he was tripping through time.
>Prove to me the entire movie wasn't just a bad trip from drinking some nasty old saliva alcohol?
It was extremely popular.

How many times have you rewatched LOGH?
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nice blog
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i've watched it 2 times.

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