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Generic synopsis:

>When a gate to another world suddenly opens on Earth, Mikado City is invaded by strange creatures known as "Neighbors," malicious beings impervious to traditional weaponry. In response to their arrival, an organization called the Border Defense Agency has been established to combat the Neighbor menace through special weapons called "Triggers."

Opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuRJx3xagLE

Reminder not to post spoilers until the entire volume is done.

So without further ado, let's start.

Vol. 1 >>149996248
Vol. 2 >>150019175
Vol. 3 >>150055432
Vol. 4 >>150092587
Vol. 5 >>150135557
Vol. 6 >>150171727
Vol. 7 >>150209494
Vol. 8 >>150261712
Vol. 9 >>150301861
Vol. 10 >>150338451
Vol. 11 >>150411422
Vol. 12 >>150461776
Vol. 13 >>150492790
Vol. 14 >>150545414
Vol. 15 >>150582262
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Sorry for missing yesterday thread, real life got into the way (also i am lazy as fuck).

Girls are also bullshit and should be avoided at all cost, dont let anyone tell you otherwise
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Seriously, how the fuck do I girl.
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Eren Kruger>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shit>>>>>Eren Yeager
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Annie kissu Hisu
>Zeke wants to stop the cursed story.
>Eren wants it to never end.
So, who will win?
Reminder that both Kruger and the warriors murdered thousands of Eldians to achieve their mission.

Is GT worth watching at all? I'm currently making my way through the dragon ball franchise and I want to plan ahead for weather or not I should watch it before Super
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Watch Super first it'll make you appreciate GT
The only issue with that is Super doesn't have an end in sight, does it?
It's only like 60 episodes long and it's less bad than super, so why not? It's not really good though.

Spoilers are out
Apologize to her now!
Her smile needs to be protected

Chapter title is Chobro in Mirror World.

In the cover page, protagonists in other Shonen Jump mangas wear ONE PIECE characters' costumes.

Brulee's house

Carrot is about to be thrown into a furnace, but actually it is not real Carrot. It is a frog whose shape is the same as Carrot somehow (Brulee's DF?).

Real Carrot is hiding in an attic. Carrot makes a sneaking attack and saves the frog. She turns over the furnace.
Brulee is shouting due to the hot water. Randolph gets an electrical shock due to the hot water attacked by Carrot's Electro.

Chopper goes on a rampage via Brain Point and Ramble Ball. They finally take control of Mirror World.

Sanji's room

Sanji cooks a dish for Pudding, who was not in a good mood.

Treasure Room

Big Mom shows up in front of Brook, who gets hold of the key from military guard


Pedro confronts with Tamago. Pedro's 50 years' life span was taken by Big Mom when he was captured 5 years ago.


Reiju is heading for somewhere with her body/face full of blood.

[EDIT] She seems to be in bad condition.

source: Shitaraba

NO CHAPTER NEXT WEEK due to Jump's Break
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>Listen close I'm going to murder Sanji's entire family so that they won't be bugging him anymore
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Stop with this "Pudding will kill X" meme. It won't happen.

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Read the guide before asking any questions: Buyfag.moe
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Where do I get those?
Did the almighty mod delete the thread again?
Salty mod did indeed.

Lie down
Try not to cry
Cry a lot
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>page 6
Fuck off.
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Oh hey it's ya girl Kumiko
>newfag creating new thread on page 6

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Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS

Chapter 6 (90%)
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1MB, 1700x2340px

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Don't be chicken, this needs decided
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>the blonde literal who is winning

I guess having bad taste is ubiquitous. You are watching Love Live after all.

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Will she let Yayaka be a bridesmaid?
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No but Papika can be.
If she can unseal herself from PI long enough to attend.
Is that anime still flip flopping?

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Drink mine.png
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Chapter 65 is out for arc 4


Just a reminder, that translator anon forgot to add a line in the chapter previously, so he re-added the file with a fix.
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Did Satella see the fucked up torture, turn everyone to meatballs, and then possesa Emilia into being he's waifu?
Every thread until Rem wakes up.
Would an ability or artifact capable of nullifying blessings make Reinhardt an instant jobber? What would happen if his blessings got reversed?

Or does Reinhardt have a blessing that negates the negation/reversal of blessings?

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>He always comes back through the Lifestream as long as humans think about him
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Jim Carrey
Steal a bear
Run and pee

Jim Carrey
Steal a bear
Run and pee



Balls in my knees
Balls in my knees

Very very very ass
Everybody touching ass
Very very very ass
Everybody touching ass´╗┐
Lord Beerus would simply HAKAI him.

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banira isu.gif
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tell Pucciposter to eat shit
Try to come up with a way to defeat The World without using a Stand that manipulates time.
Purple Haze

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She is back.
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Fucking cd
Whelp, would've loved to see and get surprised by that in the actual episode. Oh well.
Hope subs are on time tonight like last week.

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The hyped "Bites the Dust" climax is pretty disappointing so far, it doesn't compare to DIO's World.

People who said Part 4 is the best Jojo are full of shit
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as much as i liked DIO's world, there is little tension especially since "SAME TYPE OF STAND" was there.
>People who said Part 4 is the best Jojo are full of shit
Different people, different taste. For me BT is still the best and DiU is below SC. I like the Kira OP more than DIO's though.

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Let us celebrate the Japanese mastery of poetic storytelling.
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