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Drawthread: Draw anime things and request other anime things. Come one, come all, and draw to your heart's content.
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Requesting Irina on a oversized knotted purple T-shirt that exposes her midriff, and white panties, either twintails or not.
>this for the OP
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Rukia pokemon reference.png
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Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with a Munna, such as letting it sit on her head/shoulder or hugging it.

I want to have a passionate love with the hottest idle Juri!
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/ai/nons can't love idles that way.
Then how do we love idles?
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Is Hestia loli of the year?
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Hang yourself.
cute oppai loli
>teenager's body with huge cancer sacks


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Just around 4 weeks until it airs.
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Thank you based Takemoto.
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same anime?

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ITT: Post indisputable best girls of their respective series
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i wish bait threads were deleted on sight
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Why would a 12 year old be allowed to do law enforcement?

Most kids can't even do fucking trigonometry at 12 let alone police the streets. Yes Kuroko has an amazingly useful ability to catch criminals but she has none of the maturity and adherence to act fairly and accurately around policing matters.
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Yeah but she's hot.
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I'm 25 and I still can't do trigonometry. I can do algebra fine but trig might as well be voodoo.
Because Raildex is a mediocre at best battle harem pretending that it's actually mature and deep.

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Korean scans are out. Being Kruger is suffering.

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First for LH
Cute couple have blessed the thread.
Looks like the transformation really took a toll on his body. He's still bleeding. Titanization has worn him out and he had no other choice but to let Grisha eat him, otherwise the Vanguard titan would be wasted. Must have been Kruger's last minute decision

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The hips don't lie.
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The loli.

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>2h 46m

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Reina with Taki.
>hibike episode
Finally my life has meaning again.
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Kissing scene.png
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Reina with Kumiko

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I want to see Otose

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Best girl,all of you have shit taste.
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This isn't Marika or Top Speed, kindly kill yourself.
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>Best girl,all of you have shit taste
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just found this on futaba.

Is Ritz tamer now?
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>Ritz drawing mekimeki designed clothes
I want the opposite desu.
File: 1481102306871.jpg (86KB, 573x282px)Image search: [Google]
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>Ritz bonus before any other
Does she like Toki and Ryuuka that much?

She did spend one month shading those giant boobs, right?
Wait, did Ryuuka have the pendant also in Saki? That's the Saki alternate cover.

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Eda VS Revy.gif
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Let's have an Eda thread. I had some questions about her backstory because she's such a spook.

So Eda is CIA (inb4 4u) and she traffics guns in Roanupur, but is it ever implied she was put there as a punishment? Roanapur seems like kind of a shit gig and she doesn't seem happy to be there.
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Also what the fuck does Eda do in her free time except drink?
I think it's completely voluntary. Just because she's serious at times doesn't mean she doesn't like hanging out there.

It is kind of a shit gig, though. Chang and Fryface are mid-level and there's not much to do, apparently.
I don't have any Eda pictures, though.

Hang out at the church and contemplate shooting herself.

Refrain here. I'll post translations for 5 chapters I promised now
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Title: Big eater Akagi-san
By Inayama Kakuya

TTK: Stop eating so much, Akagi
Akagi: Eh?
TTK: I know that you're our one and only carrier here and you really helped us out
TTK: But keep eating 7 meal with 20 bowls each and our food supply won't last
Akagi: It can't be helped, right...
Akagi: I get hunger after each sortie after all!!
TTK: Then stop sortieing
File: 0047.png (795KB, 1441x2048px)Image search: [Google]
795KB, 1441x2048px
TTK: I hereby prohibit Akagi from sortieing!
TTK: You can only have 3 meals a day!! Also can't ask for more!
Tatsuta: Since she wouldn't stop sortieing even on her day off, if he didn't do that then she wouldn't be able to rest~
Akagi: Admiral! Please anything but that!
Tenryuu: But still, it's true that we're having food problem since our number has increased
Tenryuu: But I wonder if Akagi-san can stop eating?
Tatsuta: Don't worry. She's not a kid~
That night
Sendai: Night battle~
File: 0048.png (970KB, 1441x2048px)Image search: [Google]
970KB, 1441x2048px
Akagi: Dinner wasn't enough...
Akagi: I want midnight snack...
3 days later
Akagi: Hey!!
Akagi: Your tension isn't high enough!!
TTK: She lost her mind to hunger?
4 days later
TTK: Akagi...

Well, this is bullshit at its finest. Anime announced.
> Isekai where MC is essentially OP and game world (Already not impressed).
> People like to bullshit liking this fucking series because it is comfy (fuck you out there).
> Conflict resolved so fucking easy (fuck you to those who says this is good, because that just makes overall conflict even less value if there was even was anything of worth.)
> Loli-harem (Not fucking joking, the bar is really low as of this point).
> The mc fucks prostitutes and even goes in detail about it in narrative while not going for the fresh pussy right in front of him.
> There being no actual plot after hundreds of chapters and foreshadowing is bullshit with pacing.
> The fans bullshitting even further with the whole "journey that is valuable". Fuck you and your supposed journey. So much for fucking value if the mc is OP and shit and lots of girls surround him and take interest (not kidding).
This series is shit and being being adapted. Fuck this.
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Didn't I see a thread for this months ago?
Already sounds better than reeeeeeeeeeee:zero. Isekai genre is saved.
And don't get me started on comfy because this series is not comfy. Like a pillow, you need the right softness, fluff and material. Otherwise you can get a jagged rock as a pillow and call it comfy.

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