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And also cute.
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ITT:satisfying sound effects
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I don't like The World's sound effect in Part 4.
They took the sound effect of Part 3 and give it to ZA HANDO for some reason.
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Is Nenecchi JC of the year?
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But anon, Nene is a JD, which by the way is the superior J.
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Middle school lolis are the sexiest.
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JDs aren't sexy

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I never got why in DU the villains of the week did anything the boss villains said
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We went over this, the only one you could argue was forced was Toyohiro, everyone else did it for their own sake.
>Cheap Trick
Because if someone penetrates you, you become their bitch and you do what they tell you.

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If your day has been rough, restore your energy by opening the link.
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>Have shitty day
>Come to /a/ to wind down
>See this shitty thread again
>Contemplate going up to the roof and jumping

Fuck off.
Don't do it.
Time to whack my dick to little girls again

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Why is moe so popular in Japan?
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Because it is adult and pervert
It fills the void.
Why are action movies so popular in America?

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What are /a/'s thoughts on wolf's rain?

I recently watched and really enjoyed it.
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bretty sad
went downhill in the 2nd half

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Stop OP, that's forbidden love.
Only if the girl (male) has a feminine penis
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't like it
but I love you all

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I want to ask one question. Why would Yui stay in the club and try to be friends with 8man if he were to reject her? She never intended on being his friend. It would probably be better to ditch him.
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Because she's a dumb teenager that's willing to burn her brigdes with yukino for the 8man dick
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>Watching Gay-On!
I am not talking about her being friends with Yukino, it is a given she will. I am saying why would she stay friends with 8man.

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This is a Japanese tiger
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Looks like an abomination. Shoot it.
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This is a Japanese Mao.
More tiger soon

why are one piece swimsuits literally perfect?
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Too bad she will lose huh?
Because this thread belongs on >>>/e/.

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ITT: Quotes you live by
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>new episode never
I want to die
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man, i always wonder what anime was that
I think you need to learn how to use search engine like duckduckgo.

These are officially the top 5 ongoing manga in japan:

One Piece
Attack On Titan
Seven Deadly Sins

How do you feel about that?
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I'm honestly surprised Haikyu and NnT are beating BnHA.

also sad that Nakaba caught the Japanese flu and is in the hospital. RIP /ss/ man.

I wonder how many of these will still be here 5 years from now.
>one piece
is that trash manga still going?
>go to island
>wow it's all so cool
>not cool as it seems
>someone cries/get kidnapped
>the war starts
>straws wins

repeat forever
gg Oda

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Is this an isekai thread?
Let's talk about the original

It's fun how everything that copied it followed the same title convention:

Genmu Senki Leda
Mugen Senshi Valis
Dream Hunter Rem
Mujigen Hunter Fandora
Magic Knight Rayearth

Supernatural Adjective, war\combat-related noun, Fantasy name
Is this a Season of the Sakura ripoff?

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