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everybody singing

I like Kalafina's song for the ED better.

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Can we have a Chi Chi thread?
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This scene gave me a huge boner the first time I watched it.

To this day, I have no idea why.
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>To this day, I have no idea why.
you like pretty men getting face fucked clearly.
you're a vore fetishist, you just don't know it yet
It's because you secretly have a fetish for swallowing another man's juicy load. Kill yourself faggot.

How much value do you put into visual direction?
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A fuck ton.
>visual medium
>How much value do you put into visual direction?
>visual medium

if visual direction isn't the most important thing then you're doing it wrong.

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Why didn't you guys tell me that strike witches has fucking amazing merchandise?
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Is that snoopy?

You care about shirts?
I mean just fucking look at them.
Fucking graphic design masterpieces!

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Did you watch Kyousougiga? What did you think of it?
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OVAs or TV?
I enjoyed it a lot, and have some of the OST on my phone
Lots of really great scenes, even among those that weren't in the ONA
Great OP

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winter 17 animu.jpg
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Looks like it'll be pretty awesome. We all know Ai Mai Mi S3 is automatic AOTS, but the rest of the pecking order?
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Everyone knows Kuzu no Honkai will be AOTS.
Nyanko Days for AOTY

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What does /a/ think of Aoi?
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>isn't celestia
nice boobs

>Isn't a manipulative Goth Loli piece of shit.

I agree.

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Time for regular stuff. Sorry for missing yesterday edit and TS anon.
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Something yellow

"Kotomi, what're you doing in the park?"

"I was playing with the neighborhood kids awhile ago, but then.."

"I got soiled"
Sniff sniff

"So you didn't wipe your butt properly?"
"I don't think that's what she means"
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Comic 1
Looking up and walking

If you look down on your companion, you'll make them feel subjugated.

"By the way, looking at people with the same gaze is the secret to building mutual trust."
"How educational"

"Wait a minute"

"But looking up in those moments will give them that sense of subjugation right?"
"Now bend down just like that"
"I'm going to shut her up now" "Koyama"

Comic 2
The principles lessons

"My cavity hurts"

"It so hurts"
"Go to the dentist"

"A teacher's duty is to have a share in their student's pain..."

You can pass cavities along with a kiss
"Uh.... wait what?"
Thank you based TL.

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Anyone enjoying Tsugumomo currently?
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"Currently" is a bit of a stretch with how long ago the last chapter was.
well, at least an anime is confirmed. Though i imagine they will have to tone down a lot of scenes.
Like 2 months I think since the last TL

Its going to ruin threads unfortunately. It was already pretty bad with how much waifu posting goes on.

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Do you think it is acceptable to introduce semi-likeable characters for the sole purpose of having them die randomly soon after?
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You only think they're likeable because they didn't live long enough to turn into a shit.
Only if it's not obvious that they're going to die. Otherwise it just falls flat. Same if this technique is overused. Hell, if too many characters die in general then I'm gonna naturally be less invested in every other character in the series because I'll expect them to die.

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What do you all think of this anime short and why is Palutena your new waifu?


>inb4 that's not anime
Look up the definition of anime before you complain.
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low tier trash

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Marii's neither a girl, nor a boy.

She's a being called Marii.
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Any relation to that being called Hideyoshi?

OP is a manlet?

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Why is Kallen on the Britannian side?
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because she values a good education
and hot blonde Britannian dickings
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Why are you posting the photoshopped picture? Post the original, fag

Which K-ON would give the best head?
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Why is this a question? The answer is obvious.
Mugi would be amazing in bed.
If you don't delete this thread I will find you and exterminate you.

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