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setsunafags btfo.webm
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At least he redeemed himself with Saekano.

Then she goes home and schlicks to losing to best girl.

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You only have 5 minutes to post the best Anime OST released this year,
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damn. this thread had potential OP
>he didn't finish
How can you be so fucking

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ITT: Overrated shit.
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I wanted to like this anime but the guys just bothered me for some reason. Ryuji being a guy who's good at cooking and cleaning is just lame to me. The geeky looking guy with the glasses is the cool popular guy that all the girls wanna go out with? Wtf?
hey FUCK you
This anime is pretty much everything I hate about anime.

What the hell did he see in her? This fine specimen of down-syndrome.

She is clearly lesbian, and he had to force his feelings.
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Why is there always a katana in this show?
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Yachiyo is a pure and innocent girl.
It's not down-syndrome, it's her being oblivious. She is a cute airhead who always looked up to Yachiyo as an almost motherly figure, seeing as she protected Yachiyo as a child.
Satou saw a cute, shy and lovely girl who worked her hardest. He wanted her to experience more outside of the resteraunt, seeing as she was so clentched on to Kyoko and the deliquents for years on end.
Also, not her fault for being stuck with the katana, as her parents used her as a walking advertisement.

The only thing with autism is me for writing this out.
>nice, polite, and traditional girl
>has nice body
>will cater to the one she loves
>very loyal
>slightly socially awkward, needs someone to help her, this and her being loyal means she will never leave you
Literally perfect.

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>Smile man is an A-Class Rank 27 Hero

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He is actually faster than the Flash and in the past he's flash's teacher.
Hard drugs.
He's a cunning guy. His every move is coldly calculated.

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Am I supposed to empathize with this scumbag?
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no you're supposed to watch him make complex keikaku then fuck everything up
He did nothing wrong
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No you're supposed to want to FUCK him!!!

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this gf just slapped her insignia on your ass and rode away

what do you do?
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I don't know. Butt this thread is going nowhere so I'll just say I do enjoy Airger
"Ringo was a mistake."
—Ogure Ito
I started watching/reading it because I wanted Jet Set Radio. I dropped it when it became some weird battle manga with people gaining super powers.

This is honk

Say something nice about her
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That must be some heavy padding, no way her honokas are that big.
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Best Girl.
File: FILE0154.jpg (32KB, 400x541px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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10/10 for being best honk.

Maybe slightly padded. She isn't super flat either.

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Not Gainax.jpg
274KB, 1020x772px
I feel like you could make an anime out of that.
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It all returns to nothing.
How many episodes long?
Three and a half.

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>tfw you realize this is the moment lelouch fucked up

How much different would the story have played out if he had saved Kallen's command for something useful?
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Like what? She was already suicidally loyal to him and basically did everything he said without question
If anything, this is just another instance of Kallen saving him from a giant fuck up.

Can you imagine if Lelouch hadn't found out he only had a once per person limit?
What he really should have done, Geass-wise, is used Orange's Geass cancellation to rewrite a few orders here and there

Really expands the limitations of Geass

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OK Type Moon, I'm game. How much will you fuck it up?
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What exactly is wrong here?
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>hand blade
It's ruined
>Medusa Lily

Another loli. BASED Type-Moon.

"Welcome to your checkup, Anon-chan; the doctor will be here soon. Have you been having any problems?"
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Spontaneous erections
Just the usual crippling depression.
"I have been sexually inactive due to my mental issues and I have been undergone excessive spontaneous ejaculation. What are some solutions to that?"

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Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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25 straight days of drinking with /a/ is how I'm going to die.
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when does it start?

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I ship it.
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first of all, this is 4chan. we don't "ship" here. we don't do any kind of boating (upboat, downboat, etc.).

also squeezer was trash and should have been spit on.
>we don't "ship" here
Pretty much every thread I go into here.

Here's the real deal. All you newfags and imitators can gtfo.
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worst girl
Vanilla H definitely the worst. Pretty much the comedy equivalent of Rei.
Is always best girl. Has always been best girl.

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