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My dick has never been this hard.
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Is this a jojo reference?
Do you mean Fate/zero? Nothing in Jojo matches this
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I thought I liked Rei the most going into this, but Minako does things to my manhood. Also Makoto is cute as hell. Ami isn't as juku as I thought she'd be, which is nice. Usagi still a shit.
Mars = Venus > Jupiter > Mercury >> Zoisite >>> Moon
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Jupiter = Mars > Venus > Moon > Mercury

Rei every day

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Shinji but done well
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But, he's mexican.
Mexico is the only legit heir of the Roman Empire
He's actually canadian.

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How does this make you feel?
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I wanna fuck her
>This is nice.

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Post Ranma Chan.
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Chapter is out. Truly, we are Shingeki no Kyojin.
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post the link faggot?
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Where's link faggot op

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>liking a blue haired walking stick that names itself Krulcifer
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We are starting this shit?
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>Another Bahamut shitposting waifu-wars thread.
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Can't we all just get along?

What'd you think about this?
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Noah and Jesus and eggs and shit I liked it
overrated and underrated.

> INB4 anime kino

it actually is though

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I hope it involves more fuuko
Animated Tomoyo after here we come.
That Tomoyo VN getting adapted by JC Staff or 8bit?

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Who's the best KyoAni series director?
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Yamada>Ishihara >Takemoto >>>> shit >Ishidate>Kigami.
Yamada and Ishihara are both pretty based.

Ishihahra wins out though.
Yamada is their only good one though Ishihara gets points for Nichijou

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What the fuck is her problem? Dumb ass slut
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go to bed anon

She's sexy and she knows it. And still wants you to fuck her. The best kind of girl.
She's a dumb whore who only tease and won't put out, or even worse just wants money

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Not really, Isekai is more about being transported to a fantasy world, Oda Nobuna is being transported into the past except that one historical figure is now female.

The MC has no OP powers and doesn't instantly get a harem either.
Loli harems are still harems, anon.
I read the early parts of the manga and he doesn't instantly get a love interest in chapter 1 most like most Isekai stories. Nobuna thinks he's interesting/useful, the only girl who showed any romantic interest in him early on was the girl guarding Nobuna.

But he probably gets a harem later on, because most authors can't think of anything else to write.

A better historical past series would be like the one where a modern world chef gets transported into the past, it actually potrays the old culture pretty well including how insane medieval japanese are about doing everything perfectly as the chef gets threatened with execution multiple times if he doesn't succeed.

But the downside is that the plot of that one doesn't move much because it's very episodic and basically focusing on how amazing the chef's food is compared to the food of that era. It even manages to help heal Uesugi Kenshin's illness, which seems pretty unrealistic.

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>Snow White gives no shit about your edge
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>Let me see if you are Punished enough
>yfw when this is actually a team up

No, still alive.


She has the highest skill depending on which form she chooses to switch so she has to keep changing forms to adapt to the situation.

She used Ace of Hearts to endure Deluge's punishment and walk it out alive.

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>Koneko = flat chested feline
>Asia = shy and clingy
>Irina = conservative
>Xenovia = baby obsession
>Akeno = daddy issues
>Rias = insecurity problems
>Rossweisse = alcoholic

Pick your poison /a.
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I pick Ravel.
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Rossweisse is best girl.

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Why is Viktor’s hand so shaky?
Is he worried Piggy is going to fail?
Is he worried that he could be called a failure of a coach?
Is it that he is coaching his loved one and the pressure is getting to him?

When I get away from skating two “L words” come to mind: life and love. I’ve been neglecting both for over twenty years.”
I am just glad that Viktor is a pure maiden
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Is this the first time we've seen Victor lose his temper?
>Why is Viktor’s hand so shaky?
He's pissed fairy is insulting his piggy
will nips ever love bikefairy

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